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Rhonda Rhose - Ecknoreial's Musings: AMulti-Dimensional Reality Is in Play Today...

Rhonda Rhose - Ecknoreial's Musings:

AMulti-Dimensional Reality Is in Play Today

: A Multi-Dimensional Reality Is in Play Today Where am I today?   I am asked by the invisible ones to stay out of the public...

A Multi-Dimensional Reality Is in Play Today

Where am I today?  I am asked by the invisible ones to stay out of the public-scene for a while. I know we’re all going crazy out there and I know that I, myself, am having some issues that really cloud my self-perception; and you know what that means: If our self-perception is clouded then our perception of those around us is off-base, as well. I guess it’s a good time to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself, at least until I recognize a higher frequency of love in there.

One of the things that most drives me - and I should mention that if there is a driving force within you that doesn’t let up no matter how hard you try to quiet it, then too much of your self-worth/perception is tied up in that drive - is a strong desire to teach what I have learned and to work with those going through the shift. Oh, I know, if the drive is that vocal within then there is probably good reason and value in such motivation, unless, of course, one is driven by revenge or condescension, or some other blatantly negative force. But when it feels like your reason to be is pushing you forward too loudly, you really have to be able to take the obsessionary urgency out of the equation or you are still motivated by a fear of self-worth. Fear like this involves proving the self; it is fear of not being good enough, and all that fear-based residue creates a veil between you and the higher realm. That is the most predominate reason for the lesser activations of the throat, 3rd eye and crown chakras as well as the upper chakras that hold the magic we seek, the doorway to the super conscious mind. We are upgrading our Love Vibration software through the subconscious mind, which means that sometimes our conscious motivations aren’t quite in synch with the new upgrades. A love-based motivation is one of peace and comes with an overall feeling of great possibility without the rush.

I have known for some time that in order to expand my visibility, I would have to take my big ole self and my work out there beyond the confines of where I am visible now. To me it feels like the message for me is – already been there and done that – but I haven’t felt well enough or motivated enough to push beyond my normal paths. I have several things I want to teach and discuss. I love discussion groups where the whole group is engaged and sharing philosophy and possibility, but lately if feels empty out there. I know we’re all going through some shifting shit; I see the 11:11s all the time, and for me the 4:44s are there in spades, but when is a good time to expand the me that I want to be?

I am coming out of another cycle of clearing and feel ready to go but the invisible ones ask me to hold off until this latest shifting-cycle-within wanes a bit out there with the masses. If I charge out there now, when it is so easy to get caught up in the alternate reality playing out down in the subconscious, I can easily become the bad guy. Part of that cycle incorporates certain fear-based patterns of consciousness, which include both emotional mind and mental mind along with the behavior of the physical body, all responding to the great alternate reality playing out about 3 layers down in the dream state where our emotions are no longer coded or symbolic, but raw. Where we have to feel them for what they are. This can become a very anxious, hyper-ventilative time, where we are attaching our visceral reactions to those around us as being the culprits. In actuality, our physical body is reacting to the dramatic emotional sequences playing out in ways that can make us downright sick. In fact, that’s why the dream state where we resolve our day-to-day gunk is done symbolically, to protect our emotional base and our heart, as well as our physical body.

To understand this, we really have to understand the heart and its truth. It is more than just a pump to move blood around; it is a mind in charge of the energy that moves us physically, mentally, and spiritually. As with any operating system, our heart acts as a love-barometer that takes its cues from our instantaneous, raw emotional reactions. Our emotional reactions are ignitors and trigger our heart to determine how much energy is usable – based on our thoughts and desires – and by the way, our mind sees all thoughts as desires – as urges to create said thought. It is love that fuels the universe, love that moves the energy of the universe. Love is the transportation system in play to harness the power of creation. To put it simply, our heart must have that love frequency to give our minds and bodies energy to move. If the energy is too fear-based, it boomerangs back to the head of the heart mind and slows until it can be resolved to a higher vibration – usually in the first layer of dream state.

As example, my desire to create more business in regard to my reading venue feels somewhat repressed right now. When I use standard marketing techniques, I get little in terms of results. That’s because I am using a Marketing 105 operating system that doesn’t include the upgrades in awareness that correspond to the fear-clearing taking place 3 layers down in the subconscious-mind. My new mental firmware includes a whole new category on leaving the desires of the self behind while focusing and operating on the good of the whole group. There are major integrity issues involved in the Marketing 105 firmware; they are designed to manipulate the customer to choose me at the risk of being unfair to others – which is cleverly and dehumanizingly categorized as the competition.

Here’s the thing with competition; the raw energy driving competition is the need to prove self better than those in the tribe. Ok, that’s great for a rush of feel-good and a resume of self-driven accomplishments, but in the next layer of mental and emotional depth, did it really help the whole tribe? Was anyone’s self perception harmed by the subtle energy that they weren’t good enough? I am here to tell you that those are things our higher mind/soul family/invisible factions are monitoring. They are looking at the lines of cause and effect, the reasons for our drive to win the contest, as needing a fear-clearing upgrade in mental and emotional software. Our self-centeredness quest to love self has forged ahead without a complete understanding (the keter in Kabballah) of Love.

Don’t worry; I am not telling you to quit loving your favorite baseball team, in fact, I will be the first to admit that I don’t care about the games but will enjoy placing a bet on the outcome. But the truth from a higher Love vibration than ours does not concern itself with winning. Winning causes more feelings of loss than the good it does the winner. And here’s another little tidbit from the higher realms on Love, one does not get a fill of winning, or playing center stage, because it is a false desire, it creates a stronger drive in the same department, or it creates a void when one is not the king of the hill. It causes a line of demarcation when we are trying to learn to motivate ourselves for the good of the whole. And my next point can be hard to swallow, but when the drive to move forward is for the good of the self, it is considered fear-based and it sends a good deal of that energy back to the subconscious inbox for Energy to be Resolved to Love. Unfortunately for us, way too much of our desire base results from erroneous takes on self-love, so we keep adding to that inbox as we try to make ourselves number one in one field or the other.

Our minds are evolving and with it our concepts must evolve too. We have spent much of our existence as a species motivating with survival of the self as our primary concern. Survival of the ego-based-self reasoning is quickly being replaced by our governing bodies within. They are explaining, as we work with them during our night-time sessions, that we are now expected to exist with a primary motivation based on the good of the group. As we make this transition, we can open the doors to speak with our higher realm friends and to ask them for help in our creation lessons and adventures. It begins with having some control/play in our day-to-day circumstances. Can I improve my visibility as a reader, thereby increasing my work output? Probably not while I consider my reading/teaching venue as one of business and probably not while I use marketing techniques designed to manipulate the public – so, for me, I will have to wait out the cleaning inside and see what new ideas manifest. But while I am waiting, I can see what I can learn about this new Love Vibration software.