Saturday, June 9, 2018

OK; I have been as non-reactive as I can but I can no longer be quiet:
Who the hell gave Donald Trump his new Fisher Price Pardon the Prisoner Kit?
Doyal Van Orman Where were you when Obummer pardoned his groups of outlaws loose?

From Facebook to open letter to my favorite uncle:

Not being one to follow politics too closely, especially since I have lost a lot of faith in a system that appears to run on self-serving issues and greed, even to the point of seeming blackmail, I haven’t paid much attention to the inner-workings of our governing machine. It all feels hopeless in a way that allows whoever has most money to have their way. For that reason, although my take on Trump is that of an over-indulged child playing with the biggest toy he could find, I do see that he may, whether intentionally or inadvertently, break down some of the facetiousness of our government. That being said, I googled Obama’s pardons and then those of George W. and saw that, yes indeed, there is a Presidential Prisoner Pardoning Kit out there that is used often. Excuse my ignorance. But I will go a little farther in saying this; my true concerns are the little people of this country and how they are considered ‘unworthy’ of the basics in life. We have, as a people, become products of the Darwinian adage, survival of the fittest. This wind of subtle influence has morphed into a Capitalistic ideology that loudly implies (just sit through a corporate sales meeting to see what I mean) that there isn’t enough to go around so we must crush our competition (opponent) and grow our wealth until we and we alone are king of the hill. That loud but subtle wind has become too much of a driving force behind our government and it has become an unsafe tool for those that require the assistance that, at least in my mind, the government should provide. Let’s face it, if the government’s purpose isn’t to help the people, why do we need it?

What I see as most unfortunate at this moment in time is the over-identification with one party or another, and I will be the first to say that the media has played a demonizing role in that conundrum. As a people, we all want pretty much the same things in life, an easy and comfortable existence, decent and affordable healthcare, employment that pays a living wage and retirement conditions that do not restrict our willingness and ability to continue to work if that is our wish. Being newly retired, I have to say this: retirement issues seem to change with each generation, like all living conditions, so it becomes difficult to pinpoint the issues, but for my generation, we started with pensions that were dropped or lost when 401Ks became the rage. The 401Ks didn’t always hold up because, let’s face it, most of us didn’t have the time to learn to play the stock market unless it was a true area of interest. A couple more crashes in that area will leave some of us floundering. We have enough but what is enough?  Everything feels so unsafe and floundering with a sick governmental body that is mostly interested in re-election. And social security – we pay plenty for that right but as it is laid out now, there are too many restrictions of what you can and cannot earn or dip into without losing it. You, my beloved and favorite uncle, have at least 2 pensions to align you with security in that area. The ability to feel secure in having survival needs met does wonders in terms of emotional health. Does our government even look at these things when they’re too busy protecting their jobs and aligning themselves for the next election?  

Healthcare is ever so frightening right now. Where is our childishly-focused president on that, besides needing to break down anything Obama created? He reminds me of Nero, playing his fiddle while he watches Rome burn – and loving the idea that he gets to choose when to call the fire department. I have a special needs son who truly needs the healthcare provided by Medicare. With his health complications, most of us earning less than a million dollars a year would be unable to afford coverage for his conditions. I have a brother that will have no healthcare options that are affordable enough to cover his $65,000/year medicine after December 31st.  He has managed to survive a terminal condition long enough to realign his life, only to wonder how he can possibly pay for his medicine once this year is gone. I have no health care. At $1000/month for a $10K deductible policy, it is more affordable to pay as I go. Fortunately I am fairly healthy. Obama care wasn’t perfect, but it removed a pre-existing conditions clause from insurance policies that, appreciatively so, gave my brother some option in medical care. And I won’t even ask how the hell any medicine should cast $65,000 for a years supply. We have moved over so far to allow our Capitalistic format to thrive that we the people that provide the work for our high-paid CEOs are not thriving – we are surviving – and I say that because our fears of having survival needs met incorporates more worries than is physically, mentally or emotionally healthful. We, the people, whether part of Donald’s base or against it, are afraid. We are afraid of not being able to meet our survival needs and we have differing viewpoints on how to do that. That is the major issue that needs to be addressed and addressed on many formats and platforms so that we all feel some relief. If you dig deep enough psychologically, the need to blame, and I jokingly blamed the Donald even though the truth is far more complicated, stems from a lack of security or safe-ness.

We are afraid that Donald’s lack of emotional maturity and his spoiled self-interests are his primary concerns. I, personally, don’t believe in the survival of the fittest as a way to live and treat our fellow man; we are all children of God, some God – somewhere – and as such, we all matter. I wish we could all see ourselves as coming together rather than part of an opposing team, because we have a government that needs fixing and we could facilitate a lot of the changes we need if we weren’t fighting about the emotionally immature icon that keeps our rating-focused media too busy to let us get back to the issues at hand. Our government has work to do and it isn’t getting done. Turning us against each other works to keep us side lined but we need to come together, Democrats and Republicans, and take a more productive stance on taking care of people – and then business.