Thursday, May 31, 2018

Ecknoreial’s Musings

To Activate Our Indigo Aptitudes 

Since so many of us are experiencing that flashing light of the Indigo Child – that blinking on and off the 3rd eye and all of it’s empathic feeling, right now, I have chosen a question from my audience to describe some of the energy we are working with at this point in time.

1. Do we just send Love to those we can't be round since they are too toxic for us?? I have a couple people that I have in my life like this. I also can't seem to let go of asking about these same people and getting involved at a distance.

You are looking at a possible and directional clearing of fear with this one you speak of here. She is no longer in your format of desirable friends/family because she has taken the role of fight or flight seem-stress. She wants you to unfold her hurt and hold it in your heart long enough to tell her why she is better than/right again etc. There is no amount of confirmation that will heal her unsure-ity within, so you must excuse yourself from her presence until you feel the inner prompting to come around again. The reason her behavior is bothering you is because she is slower than you to pick up your subtle ques that she has lingered long enough in that irrational mode.  Do send love, it helps to realign your emotional mind with the one you must avoid – for now. You are on the right track here.

When we cannot tolerate the energy of another being we have to ask our selves why?   Our goal here in the world of form, where we so closely study the effects of fear on the patterning of creational energy, is to find a point of unconditional love with all – persons, places and things.

Love between 2 energies begins simply enough; it is an orange energy and it can be translated as such: This thought, that person, certain behaviors, whatever the object of attention is – either makes you feel good about you or not good about you.  When someone else causes you to feel ‘not good about you,’ you are uncomfortable with yourself in some way. It can be a mirror effect, in that the other person mirrors a thread of energy within you, but also, it can be a behavior that makes you feel harmed in some way. Either way, it is up to us to correct from within when the energy of another causes us to feel discomfort. Sometimes that means we will have to correct our feelings of unworthiness sufficiently that we can stand strong when even subtly threatened.

Unconditional Love is our goal in this lifetime. To love unconditionally indicates that we are open to everyone and everything just as is – no special accommodations necessary. We release all expectations of others. This is a beautiful concept in the ideal, but can be tricky to accomplish in our self-defensive, self-conscious and self-preservational mindsets. It is easy to love one who makes us feel good about us, but how do we love one when they trigger our unworthiness – in any small way?

Right now, correcting that overly self-conscious tone within our emotional mind is one of the goals of us, your soul family, the guides and angels that hang in our higher mind and watch over us. They are tasked with releasing our fight or flight defense mechanisms so that we can relax and settle into something other than ourselves and our survival issues. Most of us have reached a point in self-awareness issues that we will not perish from weather conditions, most illnesses or lack. Now it is time to place our focus on those around us that are less fortunate – no matter the mode of fortune. Once our I-Me-Mine status relaxes a bit, we are able to see others for who they really are and to notice what ticks within (3rd eye, empath) in such a way that unconditional understanding begins to surface to the forefront of our emotional consciousness.  Later, after this first round of fight-or-flight conditioning eases off, and for some of you out there – that is happening now – we will all begin to feel tired and relaxed at the same time. During this courtship with your new areas of identity, empathic and such, indigo children that we are, we will assure each other that we are all okay, just growing in possibility. (They are speaking for me here in this paragraph..)

Eliminating the fight or flight reactions to life is tantamount of reaching a point of accountability within as well as managing your empathic abilities well enough to open doorways within. One of the main doorways we want you to open, and soon, is the one we are standing behind – we want to activate your crown chakras sufficiently that you can consciously communicate with us. But to do this well, you, each and every one, must be up to the task of taking responsibility for your own actions, be they word, thought or deed. Every word you say has consequences if you harm any living energy with it. Every inconsiderate deed holds you accountable in the Akashic File for this life – meaning you will reconsider and clean said behavior until never again will you even think of acting in such a manner, and victimhood behavior must look at this closely because that is one of the many disfunctions of the fight or flight pattern we are working to untie and release. Control issues, even when surfacing as areas of overly protective reach into another’s area of responsibility, must be assessed and resolved. Sometimes the control is hyper-ventilating while we return the issues to you for you to clear on your own. Either way, you will soon find that you can relax into your new phase of responsible being of light within, where more of the auric energy becomes green.