Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Keys for a Love Vibration

Rhonda Rhose

Love is the key to opening the dimensional doorways we think of as magic.  As a species feeling our way through a mind-evolution that will, ultimately, restore the magic as part of our normal realm of possibility, there are some specific layers of love that we are learning to improve upon in the here and now. One major key in understanding the workings of a love vibration is this: Thoughts Are Things. They are the first step in creating your desires, but they must be managed with care towards those inner workings that we have never learned to pay much attention to – until now – when we truly wish to manifest a bit of our wants, needs and desires.
This work starts in managing the inner mind, where all the workings of the Akasha reside right now. Soon you will be reaching within to guide yourself on a meditation to reach higher heights than you thought attainable, but first, simply understanding the workings of the present mind becomes tantamount to opening the first layer of the law of attraction. Your mind is your Spirit Self. Your emotional mind gives momentum to the energy that propels you forward, even to the point of beating your heart. Think about that for a moment; when you’re irritated with someone, how is your palpitational heart beating?  Next in the creational equation, your mental mind takes that momentum from the emotional mind and runs with it to resolve or create – as the circumstances dictate. If your thoughts and feelings are not in love, then your mind will automatically choose to resolve to love over creating something new.
Knowing this, a quick recognition of the most common errant emotional reactions, reactions that keep us from commanding the elements around us, is most helpful in training our minds to stay in a frequency of Peace, Love and Harmony.
To hold a love vibration, take some time, each day, to monitor word, thought and deed. As you follow your thoughts, and learn to de-code them, you will find the doorway to healing your emotional mind. Remember this: We Are All One in vibration, so if your thoughts are telling you that someone is to blame for your disharmony, your emotional mind is telling you that you are trying to feel good about yourself by blaming someone else. When this happens, adjust your mindset to one that takes responsibility for the self. Use the Mirror analogy: Do I mimic this behavior in some way or am I simply harmed by this behavior? Even if you’re sure you are being harmed by another, remember that those in the higher realms never see us in our learning mode as intentionally harming, but rather acting out of hurt. Taking responsibility for the self, which includes releasing all expectations from those around us, implies that one must lose focus on the self long enough to see the self as simply part of the whole, where we give and take from each other as part of our lessons of love.
A few simple axioms will get you started in raising your love to a creational point:
·         You are responsible for and can only change yourself.
·         Do no harm
·         Everyone is right from their perspective at that point in time
·         Ideally, in a love-based reality, your feelings about everything and everyone should be feelings of Peace.
To practice removing others from your layers of disharmony and taking responsibility for the self as the blockage, you begin the process of opening new doors in the 5th, 6th and 7th chakras in ways we have been wishing and hoping for. This challenge is not easy but worth every inch of new movement up the ladder of the Kundalini.


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