Friday, February 16, 2018

Getting to the Root of Us

Since so many of us are now going through that higher-mind awakening, I will be posting a conversation I had with one such 'awakening' client.  Our minds are evolving and the connection to the higher realms begins with a conscious communication with Soul - the first layer in our super-conscious mind. 

Before we communicate clearly with our Soul Family, we will have to endure a cleansing of the subconscious fear we hold stored in our karmic-residue-holding-tank.  During that time, which is often accompanied with sleeplessness, high levels of PTSD-like anxiety and a host of other mental, physical and emotional ailments, our soul family will often merge with our mind long enough to plant questions and ideas that cause us to re-think the truths we hold to as absolute.  If you learn nothing else during these sessions, you will most certainly learn that truths, yes, even scientific ones, have the ability to morph into something less than truth as your ability to see beyond the veil of fear shows you more of the whole picture.

For this musing, I will share with you a conversation from a "wide-awake" client who is beginning to question the universe as presented to us with a veil of fear cloaking the reality of who we are and why we're here:


"If the Annunaki created man, then who created the Annunaki?"


The Annunaki were actually several different species from several different planets.  They had all evolved to the point that their higher minds were completely activated and they had a universal consciousness; which means they were capable of creation and understood the creation of the universe and how they fit into the scheme of things. 

Upon 'creator-god' graduation, the group that came with Anu, of ancient Egyptian legend and history, put out a call to other planets in their universal realm, to beings with similar enough mind structure and interests, as invitation to join them in creating a species or two and joining another planet that already had plant life as well as very simple animal-life developments. They met with the group of beings we would call 'Mother Earth' and devised an agreement to share responsibility with them as they formed a balanced ecological environment and created several species, including us, the human.

To answer your question as simply as possible, the Annunaki created us and are responsible for our evolution to that Universal Mind status.  They will be mentoring us and holding responsibility for our evolution until we reach a point of taking over the responsibility of managing the planet, a duty they share with 'Mother Earth,' and of managing ourselves and beings still in need of mentor-ship here on earth. The beings that created the Annunaki are responsible for them and make up a higher layer of mentorship available to us should we have need of higher dimensional capabilities.  We have been quasi-introduced to them as the "Seraphim."  The real story is unknown to us at this point but as we learn to hold a higher vibration in love, i.e., rise above our own veils of fear, it is easier to know and understand their purpose, our creator's purpose, and our own.  An analogy might be something like this:

Seraphim - Creators of the Annunaki

Nephilim - The Annunaki along with other creating species and some of their early offspring

Cherubs - Us - babies shooting arrows of fear while we evolve enough to sprout real wings...(that is analogically correct) per the invisible faction.

Fred's next question:

"One thing that is nagging at me is this:  Was Lucifer an existing entity?"


A good place to stop and a good place to begin next week....

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