Sunday, July 29, 2018

Rhonda Rhose - Ecknoreial's Musings: AMulti-Dimensional Reality Is in Play Today...

Rhonda Rhose - Ecknoreial's Musings:

AMulti-Dimensional Reality Is in Play Today

: A Multi-Dimensional Reality Is in Play Today Where am I today?   I am asked by the invisible ones to stay out of the public...

A Multi-Dimensional Reality Is in Play Today

Where am I today?  I am asked by the invisible ones to stay out of the public-scene for a while. I know we’re all going crazy out there and I know that I, myself, am having some issues that really cloud my self-perception; and you know what that means: If our self-perception is clouded then our perception of those around us is off-base, as well. I guess it’s a good time to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself, at least until I recognize a higher frequency of love in there.

One of the things that most drives me - and I should mention that if there is a driving force within you that doesn’t let up no matter how hard you try to quiet it, then too much of your self-worth/perception is tied up in that drive - is a strong desire to teach what I have learned and to work with those going through the shift. Oh, I know, if the drive is that vocal within then there is probably good reason and value in such motivation, unless, of course, one is driven by revenge or condescension, or some other blatantly negative force. But when it feels like your reason to be is pushing you forward too loudly, you really have to be able to take the obsessionary urgency out of the equation or you are still motivated by a fear of self-worth. Fear like this involves proving the self; it is fear of not being good enough, and all that fear-based residue creates a veil between you and the higher realm. That is the most predominate reason for the lesser activations of the throat, 3rd eye and crown chakras as well as the upper chakras that hold the magic we seek, the doorway to the super conscious mind. We are upgrading our Love Vibration software through the subconscious mind, which means that sometimes our conscious motivations aren’t quite in synch with the new upgrades. A love-based motivation is one of peace and comes with an overall feeling of great possibility without the rush.

I have known for some time that in order to expand my visibility, I would have to take my big ole self and my work out there beyond the confines of where I am visible now. To me it feels like the message for me is – already been there and done that – but I haven’t felt well enough or motivated enough to push beyond my normal paths. I have several things I want to teach and discuss. I love discussion groups where the whole group is engaged and sharing philosophy and possibility, but lately if feels empty out there. I know we’re all going through some shifting shit; I see the 11:11s all the time, and for me the 4:44s are there in spades, but when is a good time to expand the me that I want to be?

I am coming out of another cycle of clearing and feel ready to go but the invisible ones ask me to hold off until this latest shifting-cycle-within wanes a bit out there with the masses. If I charge out there now, when it is so easy to get caught up in the alternate reality playing out down in the subconscious, I can easily become the bad guy. Part of that cycle incorporates certain fear-based patterns of consciousness, which include both emotional mind and mental mind along with the behavior of the physical body, all responding to the great alternate reality playing out about 3 layers down in the dream state where our emotions are no longer coded or symbolic, but raw. Where we have to feel them for what they are. This can become a very anxious, hyper-ventilative time, where we are attaching our visceral reactions to those around us as being the culprits. In actuality, our physical body is reacting to the dramatic emotional sequences playing out in ways that can make us downright sick. In fact, that’s why the dream state where we resolve our day-to-day gunk is done symbolically, to protect our emotional base and our heart, as well as our physical body.

To understand this, we really have to understand the heart and its truth. It is more than just a pump to move blood around; it is a mind in charge of the energy that moves us physically, mentally, and spiritually. As with any operating system, our heart acts as a love-barometer that takes its cues from our instantaneous, raw emotional reactions. Our emotional reactions are ignitors and trigger our heart to determine how much energy is usable – based on our thoughts and desires – and by the way, our mind sees all thoughts as desires – as urges to create said thought. It is love that fuels the universe, love that moves the energy of the universe. Love is the transportation system in play to harness the power of creation. To put it simply, our heart must have that love frequency to give our minds and bodies energy to move. If the energy is too fear-based, it boomerangs back to the head of the heart mind and slows until it can be resolved to a higher vibration – usually in the first layer of dream state.

As example, my desire to create more business in regard to my reading venue feels somewhat repressed right now. When I use standard marketing techniques, I get little in terms of results. That’s because I am using a Marketing 105 operating system that doesn’t include the upgrades in awareness that correspond to the fear-clearing taking place 3 layers down in the subconscious-mind. My new mental firmware includes a whole new category on leaving the desires of the self behind while focusing and operating on the good of the whole group. There are major integrity issues involved in the Marketing 105 firmware; they are designed to manipulate the customer to choose me at the risk of being unfair to others – which is cleverly and dehumanizingly categorized as the competition.

Here’s the thing with competition; the raw energy driving competition is the need to prove self better than those in the tribe. Ok, that’s great for a rush of feel-good and a resume of self-driven accomplishments, but in the next layer of mental and emotional depth, did it really help the whole tribe? Was anyone’s self perception harmed by the subtle energy that they weren’t good enough? I am here to tell you that those are things our higher mind/soul family/invisible factions are monitoring. They are looking at the lines of cause and effect, the reasons for our drive to win the contest, as needing a fear-clearing upgrade in mental and emotional software. Our self-centeredness quest to love self has forged ahead without a complete understanding (the keter in Kabballah) of Love.

Don’t worry; I am not telling you to quit loving your favorite baseball team, in fact, I will be the first to admit that I don’t care about the games but will enjoy placing a bet on the outcome. But the truth from a higher Love vibration than ours does not concern itself with winning. Winning causes more feelings of loss than the good it does the winner. And here’s another little tidbit from the higher realms on Love, one does not get a fill of winning, or playing center stage, because it is a false desire, it creates a stronger drive in the same department, or it creates a void when one is not the king of the hill. It causes a line of demarcation when we are trying to learn to motivate ourselves for the good of the whole. And my next point can be hard to swallow, but when the drive to move forward is for the good of the self, it is considered fear-based and it sends a good deal of that energy back to the subconscious inbox for Energy to be Resolved to Love. Unfortunately for us, way too much of our desire base results from erroneous takes on self-love, so we keep adding to that inbox as we try to make ourselves number one in one field or the other.

Our minds are evolving and with it our concepts must evolve too. We have spent much of our existence as a species motivating with survival of the self as our primary concern. Survival of the ego-based-self reasoning is quickly being replaced by our governing bodies within. They are explaining, as we work with them during our night-time sessions, that we are now expected to exist with a primary motivation based on the good of the group. As we make this transition, we can open the doors to speak with our higher realm friends and to ask them for help in our creation lessons and adventures. It begins with having some control/play in our day-to-day circumstances. Can I improve my visibility as a reader, thereby increasing my work output? Probably not while I consider my reading/teaching venue as one of business and probably not while I use marketing techniques designed to manipulate the public – so, for me, I will have to wait out the cleaning inside and see what new ideas manifest. But while I am waiting, I can see what I can learn about this new Love Vibration software.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

OK; I have been as non-reactive as I can but I can no longer be quiet:
Who the hell gave Donald Trump his new Fisher Price Pardon the Prisoner Kit?
Doyal Van Orman Where were you when Obummer pardoned his groups of outlaws loose?

From Facebook to open letter to my favorite uncle:

Not being one to follow politics too closely, especially since I have lost a lot of faith in a system that appears to run on self-serving issues and greed, even to the point of seeming blackmail, I haven’t paid much attention to the inner-workings of our governing machine. It all feels hopeless in a way that allows whoever has most money to have their way. For that reason, although my take on Trump is that of an over-indulged child playing with the biggest toy he could find, I do see that he may, whether intentionally or inadvertently, break down some of the facetiousness of our government. That being said, I googled Obama’s pardons and then those of George W. and saw that, yes indeed, there is a Presidential Prisoner Pardoning Kit out there that is used often. Excuse my ignorance. But I will go a little farther in saying this; my true concerns are the little people of this country and how they are considered ‘unworthy’ of the basics in life. We have, as a people, become products of the Darwinian adage, survival of the fittest. This wind of subtle influence has morphed into a Capitalistic ideology that loudly implies (just sit through a corporate sales meeting to see what I mean) that there isn’t enough to go around so we must crush our competition (opponent) and grow our wealth until we and we alone are king of the hill. That loud but subtle wind has become too much of a driving force behind our government and it has become an unsafe tool for those that require the assistance that, at least in my mind, the government should provide. Let’s face it, if the government’s purpose isn’t to help the people, why do we need it?

What I see as most unfortunate at this moment in time is the over-identification with one party or another, and I will be the first to say that the media has played a demonizing role in that conundrum. As a people, we all want pretty much the same things in life, an easy and comfortable existence, decent and affordable healthcare, employment that pays a living wage and retirement conditions that do not restrict our willingness and ability to continue to work if that is our wish. Being newly retired, I have to say this: retirement issues seem to change with each generation, like all living conditions, so it becomes difficult to pinpoint the issues, but for my generation, we started with pensions that were dropped or lost when 401Ks became the rage. The 401Ks didn’t always hold up because, let’s face it, most of us didn’t have the time to learn to play the stock market unless it was a true area of interest. A couple more crashes in that area will leave some of us floundering. We have enough but what is enough?  Everything feels so unsafe and floundering with a sick governmental body that is mostly interested in re-election. And social security – we pay plenty for that right but as it is laid out now, there are too many restrictions of what you can and cannot earn or dip into without losing it. You, my beloved and favorite uncle, have at least 2 pensions to align you with security in that area. The ability to feel secure in having survival needs met does wonders in terms of emotional health. Does our government even look at these things when they’re too busy protecting their jobs and aligning themselves for the next election?  

Healthcare is ever so frightening right now. Where is our childishly-focused president on that, besides needing to break down anything Obama created? He reminds me of Nero, playing his fiddle while he watches Rome burn – and loving the idea that he gets to choose when to call the fire department. I have a special needs son who truly needs the healthcare provided by Medicare. With his health complications, most of us earning less than a million dollars a year would be unable to afford coverage for his conditions. I have a brother that will have no healthcare options that are affordable enough to cover his $65,000/year medicine after December 31st.  He has managed to survive a terminal condition long enough to realign his life, only to wonder how he can possibly pay for his medicine once this year is gone. I have no health care. At $1000/month for a $10K deductible policy, it is more affordable to pay as I go. Fortunately I am fairly healthy. Obama care wasn’t perfect, but it removed a pre-existing conditions clause from insurance policies that, appreciatively so, gave my brother some option in medical care. And I won’t even ask how the hell any medicine should cast $65,000 for a years supply. We have moved over so far to allow our Capitalistic format to thrive that we the people that provide the work for our high-paid CEOs are not thriving – we are surviving – and I say that because our fears of having survival needs met incorporates more worries than is physically, mentally or emotionally healthful. We, the people, whether part of Donald’s base or against it, are afraid. We are afraid of not being able to meet our survival needs and we have differing viewpoints on how to do that. That is the major issue that needs to be addressed and addressed on many formats and platforms so that we all feel some relief. If you dig deep enough psychologically, the need to blame, and I jokingly blamed the Donald even though the truth is far more complicated, stems from a lack of security or safe-ness.

We are afraid that Donald’s lack of emotional maturity and his spoiled self-interests are his primary concerns. I, personally, don’t believe in the survival of the fittest as a way to live and treat our fellow man; we are all children of God, some God – somewhere – and as such, we all matter. I wish we could all see ourselves as coming together rather than part of an opposing team, because we have a government that needs fixing and we could facilitate a lot of the changes we need if we weren’t fighting about the emotionally immature icon that keeps our rating-focused media too busy to let us get back to the issues at hand. Our government has work to do and it isn’t getting done. Turning us against each other works to keep us side lined but we need to come together, Democrats and Republicans, and take a more productive stance on taking care of people – and then business.   

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Ecknoreial’s Musings

To Activate Our Indigo Aptitudes 

Since so many of us are experiencing that flashing light of the Indigo Child – that blinking on and off the 3rd eye and all of it’s empathic feeling, right now, I have chosen a question from my audience to describe some of the energy we are working with at this point in time.

1. Do we just send Love to those we can't be round since they are too toxic for us?? I have a couple people that I have in my life like this. I also can't seem to let go of asking about these same people and getting involved at a distance.

You are looking at a possible and directional clearing of fear with this one you speak of here. She is no longer in your format of desirable friends/family because she has taken the role of fight or flight seem-stress. She wants you to unfold her hurt and hold it in your heart long enough to tell her why she is better than/right again etc. There is no amount of confirmation that will heal her unsure-ity within, so you must excuse yourself from her presence until you feel the inner prompting to come around again. The reason her behavior is bothering you is because she is slower than you to pick up your subtle ques that she has lingered long enough in that irrational mode.  Do send love, it helps to realign your emotional mind with the one you must avoid – for now. You are on the right track here.

When we cannot tolerate the energy of another being we have to ask our selves why?   Our goal here in the world of form, where we so closely study the effects of fear on the patterning of creational energy, is to find a point of unconditional love with all – persons, places and things.

Love between 2 energies begins simply enough; it is an orange energy and it can be translated as such: This thought, that person, certain behaviors, whatever the object of attention is – either makes you feel good about you or not good about you.  When someone else causes you to feel ‘not good about you,’ you are uncomfortable with yourself in some way. It can be a mirror effect, in that the other person mirrors a thread of energy within you, but also, it can be a behavior that makes you feel harmed in some way. Either way, it is up to us to correct from within when the energy of another causes us to feel discomfort. Sometimes that means we will have to correct our feelings of unworthiness sufficiently that we can stand strong when even subtly threatened.

Unconditional Love is our goal in this lifetime. To love unconditionally indicates that we are open to everyone and everything just as is – no special accommodations necessary. We release all expectations of others. This is a beautiful concept in the ideal, but can be tricky to accomplish in our self-defensive, self-conscious and self-preservational mindsets. It is easy to love one who makes us feel good about us, but how do we love one when they trigger our unworthiness – in any small way?

Right now, correcting that overly self-conscious tone within our emotional mind is one of the goals of us, your soul family, the guides and angels that hang in our higher mind and watch over us. They are tasked with releasing our fight or flight defense mechanisms so that we can relax and settle into something other than ourselves and our survival issues. Most of us have reached a point in self-awareness issues that we will not perish from weather conditions, most illnesses or lack. Now it is time to place our focus on those around us that are less fortunate – no matter the mode of fortune. Once our I-Me-Mine status relaxes a bit, we are able to see others for who they really are and to notice what ticks within (3rd eye, empath) in such a way that unconditional understanding begins to surface to the forefront of our emotional consciousness.  Later, after this first round of fight-or-flight conditioning eases off, and for some of you out there – that is happening now – we will all begin to feel tired and relaxed at the same time. During this courtship with your new areas of identity, empathic and such, indigo children that we are, we will assure each other that we are all okay, just growing in possibility. (They are speaking for me here in this paragraph..)

Eliminating the fight or flight reactions to life is tantamount of reaching a point of accountability within as well as managing your empathic abilities well enough to open doorways within. One of the main doorways we want you to open, and soon, is the one we are standing behind – we want to activate your crown chakras sufficiently that you can consciously communicate with us. But to do this well, you, each and every one, must be up to the task of taking responsibility for your own actions, be they word, thought or deed. Every word you say has consequences if you harm any living energy with it. Every inconsiderate deed holds you accountable in the Akashic File for this life – meaning you will reconsider and clean said behavior until never again will you even think of acting in such a manner, and victimhood behavior must look at this closely because that is one of the many disfunctions of the fight or flight pattern we are working to untie and release. Control issues, even when surfacing as areas of overly protective reach into another’s area of responsibility, must be assessed and resolved. Sometimes the control is hyper-ventilating while we return the issues to you for you to clear on your own. Either way, you will soon find that you can relax into your new phase of responsible being of light within, where more of the auric energy becomes green.

Friday, April 27, 2018

The Realities of My Rant

Rhonda Rhose

I am angry today even though I am not particularly prone to anger.  But through my on-going spirit-led workshop therapies, I have learned enough about my self-defense mechanisms and my coping mechanisms that I can honestly say I know I am out of a love vibration and I will have to allow myself that for a day or two to discover just what it is that keeps me from recognizing what I really want – because I know this: something is bugging me and all those all feel-good games I used to play aren’t working anymore. It has more to do with me getting where I want to go. 

At one point I learned that I was putting effort into everything that I thought was easy and familiar so that I would never risk failure in getting to my bigger goals. Then I went into another 3-1/2 year power washing with the Flush-Meisters so that I could get to a point in love vibration that I would finally make some headway. I’ve said it too many times to count, but I’ll say it again: It is the emotional maturity of a love vibration that turns on the magic, and let’s face it, if you’re into the stuff I am into, you hoping to turn on the magic.

After being pushed and pulled towards where I wanted to go, only to have it slip away again and again, I began to see that some of the perfection I am striving for is idealism at a much higher vibration than our vibration of mass consciousness – and since the energy of the masses dominates the creation waves – why bother? Does good really win? Is it important only in terms of what we don’t have to atone for once we make it to the other side?  A bleak perception, I know, but I have felt ignored, disrespected and taken advantage of for too long and now I am refusing to play the love vibration card until I get some of what I want, and that is a good dose of the irrational energy that is out there right now.  Why else would you walk into a Waffle House, naked, and blow someone away?

Naked and exposed, we are held under a wave of emotional frequency – and I say under because it is a lower vibration than our mind normally resides. In my case, held under long enough to see what is irritating me – what is hiding  beneath my urges to search the internet for something new to buy, or hoping that another trip to the casino might provide the outlet I am looking for; or, so you know exactly where this wave of lower vibrational emotion took me, to my internal lashing out at whoever might have harmed me – this is all in my mind, of course and thank god. So, here’s how it is working with the beings above us that are tasked with raising our vibration within, raising it so that we behave in a manner befitting a child of god; whether it is the one god or any god at all. (And for those of you waiting for more dirt, keep going…it’s in here…. big ‘ole arse and all.)

In order to rise above the causes and effects of conflict – a must in continuing our evolution as a species as well as that of the planet, we must be weaned of some of our survival instincts. We no longer need to operate out of a ‘survival of the fittest mentality.’  There is enough to go around; most of us will not starve or freeze to death any longer. As a human, our survival needs are met better than they have been since before the break-up of Atlantis and the de-activation of our upper minds – that secret place where my guides speak from and where all the magic is hidden. We’ve operated in the dark long enough to discover our own light within and now it is time to act like it – in a nutshell, our thoughts are things and they are harming those around us.  And that doesn’t even begin to look at words – and guns.

Our tummies are hurting because we are learning how our digestive tract and accompanying organs work to clear our disharmony with those around us.  Our heads are aching until we learn to look at life with a more clear perspective in terms of the goodness of ourselves and those around us. Knees are inflamed while we learn how we are caught in a web of disharmony in terms of allowing others to live their own truth – whether it works for us or not. And soon the numb fingers and toes will relax, once our inner awareness sees what causes us to grip onto what we know rather than venture into the unknown.  These are some of the most prevalent physical issues we’re working through now, but the spiritual end of that cleansing could use some explanation.

Now hear me rant. I feel invisible.  I do what I do very well but I never feel as though I am noticed; often times I feel like I am in the way of every new act that knows how to easily promote themselves while I shut down out of fear of not-being-good-enough. (I know – big baawaaah; already I can’t stand myself.)  I am not some novice feeling my way through a spiritual awakening.  I have worked my ass off to have my crown chakra activated well enough that I can connect consciously with higher mind and the higher realms. This was no easy feat as there are layers of self that must be corrected and pushed aside. The self is pushed aside because our primary motivation, when connecting to the higher realms, cannot be seeking applause for the individual self, but must be used for the good of the whole. And we don’t get to just play the role; the true motivation must come from the root of our desire base – the raw – before thinking it through – emotional reaction to the stimulus. If ones’ true emotional motivation is more about serving self, the material received is simply mirroring the self – and it stops there.

That’s why our higher minds became unreachable after Atlantis broke up – we, as a species, had become unsafe when we used our magic.  But that’s only the beginning of the journey – to channel the beings in the soul, I have to push through at least 5 layers of growth and transformation with every issue within me that I neutralize from negativity  -  And just let me say here and now ; I am tired of hearing that we have to have the negativity to have the good – that is the bull shit rationalization we use so we can excuse ourselves. I know what science says but science hasn’t yet discovered the laws at govern us – they are still working on it. Electricity needs both negative and positive, but love is a much higher frequency and not subject to the laws we use for energy and energy measurement. If you want the truth of our existence and how love energy works, you want the laws of metaphysics. And be prepared to take responsibility for your own short-comings or those laws won’t make complete sense. Bottom line: we are harming each other with our thoughts and when our mind habitually seeks someone or something to blame because things aren’t going right – we are in conflict with each other.

Those 5+ layers of ‘emotional debris’ that I have had to push through – sometimes at cost to my physical health, were not easy and I will talk more about them at length later, but I will say this: I can bring through the information you need from the higher realms – without the woo-woo.

I have welcomed people to my fu**in’ bitch club for years, but, hopefully, I wasn’t that bitchy, none of us are – just hyper-aware of the inner workings of resentment and frustration inside; and let me tell you, I worked hard to keep it in there.  I am fat; in my mind, I call myself chubby magoola.  I can eat right and exercise until my right leg falls off from lack of external support, but I won’t bitch about it because it is nobody else’s job to support me – nobody but me.  However, in this gun-obsessed, pissed off society we live in, as of today – myself included, we harm the hell out of each other. Those pissy thoughts hurt, and our higher realm care-takers are dialing our sensitivity knobs up on high to make sure we feel them. I can feel it when I am channeling spirit for you and your defense mechanisms react by internally attacking me.  I feel it and it hurts. I feel it; you’re feeling it and we’re all reacting to it without knowing exactly what IT is. And since all that hurts, I stay fat because my elephant status provides a physical barrier to keep your thoughts from hurting me.

A big source of my frustration falls from my love/fear vibrational training, which doesn’t allow me to operate out of ego as much as the ‘success’ stories marketing touts as good press – meaning I won’t do cartwheels until you see me and then brag for a few hours on how indispensable I am to humanity, I am invisible. Well, I am invisible and now I am angry and ready to stomp on everyone I feel stomped on by…. god, no wonder we need to hide our guns. I am not the only one going through this wave of anger based-on-rejection. We are being held under a torrent of water (emotion) that makes us see, hear and smell our reactions to the harm felt by those around us. In a nutshell, right now we’re all feeling the harm that we cause to others with our thoughts – me included. I am blaming because I have blamed – the real source of my fu**in’ bitch club.

I am an angry bitch the last couple days and all because I want a bigger piece of the pie in terms of my area of expertise.  I have been blaming anyone and everyone, but the truth is this: I haven’t gone after a bigger piece of the pie because I am afraid of being rejected. I know now that to go after what I want will necessitate that I risk rejection, that I know I am good enough no matter how things turn out, and that I am lucky to have experienced, in some small way, every person that crossed my path in this life - but I guess it’s time to speak up and move forward with my real desires. If I get too obnoxious, just tap me on the shoulder and I will know it’s time to back off.

The bottom line here is that our self-defense mechanisms mostly stem from an anemic root chakra that has become accustomed to protecting the self because basic survival needs were so difficult to meet.  But now, through technology and greater wisdom of the species, we can let most of that go. The Dysfunction of the root chakra is the Victim, and the energy we’re experiencing now is our own personal form of victim-hood, whether it be from a flight perspective or a fight-perspective. When we finally work it down to its root, we’re afraid of the hurt – the hurt of not having our survival needs met, and survival needs are physical, mental and emotional. Fear always causes a hurt of some form within us, and how that hurt manifests is different for each of us, depending on our mental formats and our physical circumstances.  We’re all letting go of our fears regarding preserving the self at the risk of harming those around us. If we can remember that and look within to find our area of needed change, we can become a source of help rather than staying in need – then, finally, we can have some of our magic back again.

So if I have offended anyone, please know that I am sorry.  I had to be a complete horse’s ass to get to the root of what was bothering me and then allow it to play out so that it might make some sense to you – and so you know that you probably don’t have hepatitis A if you’re stomach is in agony again – maybe it’s just a matter of taming those wild, blaming thoughts.

P.S.  I promise to be nice next time.

Love in All Ways,

Rhonda Rhose


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Keys for a Love Vibration

Rhonda Rhose

Love is the key to opening the dimensional doorways we think of as magic.  As a species feeling our way through a mind-evolution that will, ultimately, restore the magic as part of our normal realm of possibility, there are some specific layers of love that we are learning to improve upon in the here and now. One major key in understanding the workings of a love vibration is this: Thoughts Are Things. They are the first step in creating your desires, but they must be managed with care towards those inner workings that we have never learned to pay much attention to – until now – when we truly wish to manifest a bit of our wants, needs and desires.
This work starts in managing the inner mind, where all the workings of the Akasha reside right now. Soon you will be reaching within to guide yourself on a meditation to reach higher heights than you thought attainable, but first, simply understanding the workings of the present mind becomes tantamount to opening the first layer of the law of attraction. Your mind is your Spirit Self. Your emotional mind gives momentum to the energy that propels you forward, even to the point of beating your heart. Think about that for a moment; when you’re irritated with someone, how is your palpitational heart beating?  Next in the creational equation, your mental mind takes that momentum from the emotional mind and runs with it to resolve or create – as the circumstances dictate. If your thoughts and feelings are not in love, then your mind will automatically choose to resolve to love over creating something new.
Knowing this, a quick recognition of the most common errant emotional reactions, reactions that keep us from commanding the elements around us, is most helpful in training our minds to stay in a frequency of Peace, Love and Harmony.
To hold a love vibration, take some time, each day, to monitor word, thought and deed. As you follow your thoughts, and learn to de-code them, you will find the doorway to healing your emotional mind. Remember this: We Are All One in vibration, so if your thoughts are telling you that someone is to blame for your disharmony, your emotional mind is telling you that you are trying to feel good about yourself by blaming someone else. When this happens, adjust your mindset to one that takes responsibility for the self. Use the Mirror analogy: Do I mimic this behavior in some way or am I simply harmed by this behavior? Even if you’re sure you are being harmed by another, remember that those in the higher realms never see us in our learning mode as intentionally harming, but rather acting out of hurt. Taking responsibility for the self, which includes releasing all expectations from those around us, implies that one must lose focus on the self long enough to see the self as simply part of the whole, where we give and take from each other as part of our lessons of love.
A few simple axioms will get you started in raising your love to a creational point:
·         You are responsible for and can only change yourself.
·         Do no harm
·         Everyone is right from their perspective at that point in time
·         Ideally, in a love-based reality, your feelings about everything and everyone should be feelings of Peace.
To practice removing others from your layers of disharmony and taking responsibility for the self as the blockage, you begin the process of opening new doors in the 5th, 6th and 7th chakras in ways we have been wishing and hoping for. This challenge is not easy but worth every inch of new movement up the ladder of the Kundalini.


Friday, February 16, 2018

Getting to the Root of Us

Since so many of us are now going through that higher-mind awakening, I will be posting a conversation I had with one such 'awakening' client.  Our minds are evolving and the connection to the higher realms begins with a conscious communication with Soul - the first layer in our super-conscious mind. 

Before we communicate clearly with our Soul Family, we will have to endure a cleansing of the subconscious fear we hold stored in our karmic-residue-holding-tank.  During that time, which is often accompanied with sleeplessness, high levels of PTSD-like anxiety and a host of other mental, physical and emotional ailments, our soul family will often merge with our mind long enough to plant questions and ideas that cause us to re-think the truths we hold to as absolute.  If you learn nothing else during these sessions, you will most certainly learn that truths, yes, even scientific ones, have the ability to morph into something less than truth as your ability to see beyond the veil of fear shows you more of the whole picture.

For this musing, I will share with you a conversation from a "wide-awake" client who is beginning to question the universe as presented to us with a veil of fear cloaking the reality of who we are and why we're here:


"If the Annunaki created man, then who created the Annunaki?"


The Annunaki were actually several different species from several different planets.  They had all evolved to the point that their higher minds were completely activated and they had a universal consciousness; which means they were capable of creation and understood the creation of the universe and how they fit into the scheme of things. 

Upon 'creator-god' graduation, the group that came with Anu, of ancient Egyptian legend and history, put out a call to other planets in their universal realm, to beings with similar enough mind structure and interests, as invitation to join them in creating a species or two and joining another planet that already had plant life as well as very simple animal-life developments. They met with the group of beings we would call 'Mother Earth' and devised an agreement to share responsibility with them as they formed a balanced ecological environment and created several species, including us, the human.

To answer your question as simply as possible, the Annunaki created us and are responsible for our evolution to that Universal Mind status.  They will be mentoring us and holding responsibility for our evolution until we reach a point of taking over the responsibility of managing the planet, a duty they share with 'Mother Earth,' and of managing ourselves and beings still in need of mentor-ship here on earth. The beings that created the Annunaki are responsible for them and make up a higher layer of mentorship available to us should we have need of higher dimensional capabilities.  We have been quasi-introduced to them as the "Seraphim."  The real story is unknown to us at this point but as we learn to hold a higher vibration in love, i.e., rise above our own veils of fear, it is easier to know and understand their purpose, our creator's purpose, and our own.  An analogy might be something like this:

Seraphim - Creators of the Annunaki

Nephilim - The Annunaki along with other creating species and some of their early offspring

Cherubs - Us - babies shooting arrows of fear while we evolve enough to sprout real wings...(that is analogically correct) per the invisible faction.

Fred's next question:

"One thing that is nagging at me is this:  Was Lucifer an existing entity?"


A good place to stop and a good place to begin next week....

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