Sunday, December 3, 2017

How to Stay Calm while the World Shifts out of Fear Based Reactions

For this message, I have chosen to answer a question from a client/reader.  Ashley is asking:

Hey Rhonda, I just have to ask you a question; With all the fear, threats, & chaotic Energy in this world today how do you handle all this? How do you see what’s taking place yet remain calm during this time?  It’s hard hearing the war threats, vaccine/chip implants, weather manipulation etc. and not be affected by the fear that lays thick in the air. Thank you so much. 

Hi Ashley,

The reasons for the outbursts of fear-based behaviors are many but all point to a single line of fear – that of not having our survival needs met. The lie that we have been told is that there isn’t enough to go around, and even that lie, stems from the fear of not having our survival needs met. The atmosphere around us is peppered with small threads of communication that refuse to complete themselves until new whole ideas can be sewn into the fabric of our self-serving greediness. (again, the fear of not having our survival needs met)

“The mark on the heart that you are looking at is your own, in that we up here are guarding your mind’s aptitudes while you throw away the old, self-centered mind sets that create your self-defensive barrier that ultimately keeps (you + us) from becoming of like-mind in word, thought and deed.

The mark of the beast was an old way of saying just that; that the heart’s will to do battle would cease to exist at some point in our evolution as a species. That shift is happening now, as the last few vestiges of fear are laid to rest for us as a planetary species. We will soon grow in ways we have never grown before in that we are all capable of creation, creating our own life circumstances so that we can explore and expound in the ways of a society of humans first and then a oneness that incorporates all on the planet as primary considerations.

As you may already know, the italicized words are from the higher realm of my mind, a step we’re all moving towards activation with – during these unfortunately destructive times. One of our first goals in our present evolution is to connect with the higher realm portion of our own personal mind’s eye.  We will each have a unique perceptive window to explore and develop once the higher realm activation is made, and we will all discover how to work together while co-existing with a myriad of different mindsets and possibilities; all somewhere above the lines of conflict.

The mark of the beast was a coding of these times. when the heart (emotional energy) refused to see it any way but that of saving the self. The self is in transition, moving from a viewpoint of individualized perception to that of a group mentality – one that incorporates the good of the whole as the main means of heart energy (just to be clear -  heart = emotional reactions as they form our true motivations.) The beast signifies the human condition as it fights for survival of the fittest – an outmoded concept that must conclude itself in order for a peaceful existence to manifest.

The ones acting out of mis-felt anger and hostility will soon run out of energy to continue their ‘fight’ and lie down in the fields of plenty to re-activate the energetic focus that has held them captive for far too long. When this happens, they lose perspective of self in a way that determines why and when they move as they do. During this period, they rely on those around them to keep the good fight activated but as they all begin to lose momentum, the seriousness of the battle begins to fade, as well. During this portion of their healing, they will often blame all for their circumstances until they finally begin to feel a flood of self-desultory energy that requires they save someone else.”

Peace Be, and stay home if the urge catches you….lol

Until next time,

Love in All-Ways,

Rhonda Rhose

Book:  Dreaming Without Wings by Rhonda Rhose

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