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Rhonda Rhose  10.16.17

Today I got mad. I was angry enough that I knew, at least based on past patterns of guide-speak communications, that I would get nothing in the form of true clarity until I resolved the ego-based portion of my anger.  But something has shifted over this last ride through the wild side of unresolved issues and energy swirlies – I seem to be able to reach a higher frequency of wisdom from within, right there during the most intense portion of my anger – my non-love-based emotional reaction – my newly forming karmic residue – the energy I must clean before I can send it back to the planet to be used in her and our creative efforts.  What happened????

My own personal work with the watcher portion of my soul guides has been quite irritating and in my way for about the past two years.  I have been working on replacing my own wave of internal mothering wisdom with something of a higher vibration, something more akin to angel-speak than to watcher-speak.  Let me clarify:

A lot has been said about the watchers in our old legends and pamphlets of mystery; there are a lot of questions and a lot of theories on who the watchers are and what their purpose might be. Most references are taken from the Book of Enoch, and Enoch was no expert on the watchers of his era.  He was experiencing one of the first awakenings for his particular group, or root race, as it might now be called. He was of the first line of human proto-types and one who managed his awarenesss package quite well, well enough that he resumed personal, conscious control of his higher mind, the layer of mind we now refer to as the ‘super-conscious.’

Just so you know, the italicized verbiage is from the higher realm voice I work with, a.k.a. guide-speak, or my invisible entourage. To add a quick line of translation, the super-conscious mind is where the invisible groups hang out – our soul family. And to add more possibility, the super-conscious mind is the doorway to activation of our super-powers, like self-healing, and calling in the right job when we need it etc.  The possibilities get even more magnificent once we rise a few more degrees on the love barometer.

Our ideas about who you are have changed over the last 20 to 30 years.  We used to take and hold responsibility for your karmic residue fields – i.e., our non-love based energies, and we used to care for your hiccups when you caused another to fall down with your ego-centric ideas of who you are, who you are to become, or why you cast side-ways glances at those who are not you. The truth is this: we know you have all lived as many lives at this vibration of mass consciousness well enough that you cannot rise in frequency without taking additional actional-recourses in dealing with your own private issues without using those around you as mirrors.

 Our charge, the smelly rhose, as it were on certain days, was ushered into the higher frequency by having to live through every bit of karmic residue she caused while she caused it. What that means is this…

Most of us are experiencing what I went through but not with the conscious mind, rather, it takes place internally, in the subconscious, where all the residue is stored that is waiting to be cleansed for further energetic usage by us here in the world of form and by our earth-mother constituents as they plan for and hold shape for our survival needs. (elementals)

The watchers, long ago considered to be fallen angels by those in the know who really didn’t know, are simply a role played by us, the soul family that resides in the super-conscious mind. As watchers, we are tasked with reducing the karmic residue within each of our participant’s minds by asking questions within that point the directional arrow of integrity and self-introspection to our charge. (if we are noticing it in a way that criticizes or blames another, we are being shown how we are in error as well.)

The reason this happens is because we are asked to quote to you the verbiage you use in your minds in a way that says we are the ones that are evil, not the other way around. (If, for instance, you’re thinking that so-and-so is a horse’s ass for telling it like it is, from his or her viewpoint, every time a new topic comes up, there is a good chance there is an inner, subconscious voice of a watcher telling you that you are a horse’s ass for thinking that your ideas or ways of expressing them are better than the one being criticized.)

When I say I have had a rougher time than normal with the watcher-portion of my mind for the last 2 years, I mean that even though my crown chakra has been activated enough that I can communicate consciously with my higher realm voices, I still have had to hear the voices conducting the karmic cleaning and every time my mind strayed to thoughts of someone else, I had to undergo the karmic swiping of another layer of ego-based rationalizations until I developed a good enough understanding of my own insecurities that I could leave others out of my wandering rationale. It’s called taking responsibility for me and where I am – letting go of the victim rationale and all other tributaries of that mind-pathway.

Although during readings I am allowed to bring in the higher realm point of view that is considered appropriate by those higher in vibration than me, during my own moments of flux, I was tasked with clearing the ego-based residue with the watchers until I managed to increase my own reading on the love barometer. Then I could finally reach the top bananas for their input, or for the input from another auric field down here near mine, one that it might help to be aware of before I blow a gasket in the wrong direction.

But not today, while I am angry, the invisible gang allowed me access to the highest voice within to tell me what I needed to know to proceed in an effective format. They have been telling me for the past 11 years that I was working on a new layer of mothering. What they refer to as mothering is that self-made layer of internal guidance, a man-made mimicry of the higher realm, a layer of knowledge and wisdom that resides within the conscious mind – one we construct ourselves as our self-monitoring system of right and wrong. The issues of self-preservation that we each cling to will be the filters of individuality that pepper our front layers of mothering-mind and they are the issues we are cleaning out of all of you as of this writing.

Did I make it yet?  Do I finally get to my new layer of mothering?  Can I finally reach the voice of angel-speak when I need it most? My internal compass knew all the arrows of self-governance well enough that I knew my heart-energy was out of synch with love, but asking for and receiving the necessary guidance to take action didn’t seem to require that meditative work to find self-less love before I could hear in the language of the true north. That means no longer playing a victim in my mind – ever – and if you know me at all, you wouldn’t tend to label me with a victim mentality – but I had to break free of the victimhood residue that lies beneath the layers of self-preservation and insecurity in self to let it all go. That’s where victim-hood stems from, the need to preserve self when self feels unsure of self.

Until next time,

Love in All-Ways,

Rhonda Rhose

Book:  Dreaming Without Wings by Rhonda Rhose

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Who is this Ecknoreial and why is she Musing?

Who is this Ecknoreial and why is she Musing?

Ecknoreial and I are old friends, but I didn’t know that until after I had amassed quite the search to find her – in the trash cans of history, as it turns out. The poor thing, as it happens, she was right here all the while I searched for external approval of myself. Ecknoreial is the name I have given – or maybe she gave me – for my higher self, my higher mind, the voice of those spirit guides I depend on when I work. But to get to the point that I could hear my higher mind, I had to first give up the need to find my queenly-ass self in other’s eyes and look at the reflection in my own.
Back in the 80s I became aware of a legendary group of mystical European kings, the Merovingians, who reportedly had powers far beyond that of the average human. The implications of the times were that these beings were the direct descendants of Jesus, hence their magical abilities. It seems my search for higher self always entailed finding some secret and lost code or clue that would take me to the magical portion of my realm of possibility. Well, I’ve learned a lot since those searching years, like bloodlines have zilch to do with magic and everything to do with developing patterns of perception and behavior that spiral down through our etheric biologies with just enough heart to keep us from being all that we want to become. More to the point, the magic lies dormant within all of us; rising high enough in emotional maturity to use it for the good of all is the real key to activation. 
In the late 90s, I had a good friend who had developed the ability to channel poetic readings.  I asked her and her entourage about the Merovingians, still thinking that I might find the missing clues to me in their history. She provided an incredible 3-page poem that focused on the Merovingian Queens, those lost to history by nature of their gender. The queen focused upon was one called Ecknoreial, who, ironically, seemed to have a lot in common with me in terms of life circumstances and patterns. For the next ten or twelve years I searched high and low for information on Queen Ecknoreial. My questions were endless and with each new batch of information, I plugged into a new outlet in the history of the dark ages, until I finally realized, as I began to learn to de-code guide-speak when they are coming through our individual fog of fear, that she was me and I was she and we were all one together. It was in my book, Dreaming Without Wings, that I finally awarded my higher self with the name she gave me – Ecknoreial.  The true origins of the name are interesting to me but I won’t bore you with much more me-me-me, instead allow me to talk briefly about what this layer of mind called higher self really is and how you can tap into it.
So higher self is that layer of mind that is usually just out of conscious reach, the beginning of the doorway to the Collective Consciousness. The thing about higher self is that it is always there but not always a part of our conscious communication because our fight or flight emotional reactions keep us just a tad too low in vibration for us to hear her voice. And unfortunately, even those subtle emotional reactions, like, “I am not good enough” or “will I ever get there from here” have more to do with keeping Ecknorieal at arm’s length - like the voices we hear from the invisible radio where we can’t quite make out the words - than does any magic bloodline or lost symbol that finally causes the puzzle to come together and complete itself.
Thanks to the fear-flush diagrammed in Dreaming Without Wings, I am managing to stay in a higher frequency where layers of distortion are beginning to dissipate. The coded analogies that mask as the voice of higher awareness now require far less translation in that I can see my areas of distortion more quickly and realign to get an easier answer from the invisible gang. There are times when I use the final outcomes as my beginnings to explore my new awareness and times when I hear my voice within command my attention at just the right time. This gentle leading guidance is always present without the voice of conviction nor with the sense of importance attached to any one being, thing or circumstance.  I have come to realize that whatever life produces becomes manageable once I believe and know I can find my inner voice of wisdom, should I require help.  There are times when I wish for something new to wear or something new to write and I find that I need to take the action to get started, and if necessary, ask for an easy button.  What I am trying to say is this: the spiritual search has lost its intensity. My focus has shifted from that of seeking my spiritual friends from other lives to that of finding the right way to make life easy and workable with those in my immediate areas of life.  The spiritual search started when I wanted to find a way to fit in and the search ended when I realized that how I fit in wasn’t nearly as important as is how we all function as a whole.  My over-focus on self is slowly beginning to dissipate.
We all have an Ecknoreial in there and we are all beginning to hear at least the beginnings of her musings, musings that are designed to nudge us – and nudge our thinking to move beyond the box of what has been. Ecknoreial, our higher self, represents the activation of the crown chakra, of conscious communication with the higher realms. We’re all heading that way, from the crazy dreams that are symptomatic of the fear-flush to the voices of the guides that point us in the wrong direction – at least until we clear that personal fog of fear. No matter where you are in all this, know that once you connect with your higher self, consciously, your paths of possibility will multiply and your sense of peace will replace the need to bungee jump from the Golden Gate Bridge just to prove to yourself that you’re alive and well.

Until next time….Love in AllWays
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