Tuesday, September 26, 2017

For some time now I have wanted to do a blog, but tripping over my own fears has kept me from moving any too quickly, or, some might say, even in a timely manner.  What is it that I have to say that is so important?  I have spent the last twelve plus years in a spirit-led workshop on identifying the fear in our emotional reactions to life, in our belief systems, in our perceptive windows and even our scientific methods of ‘getting to the root of things.’  It occurs to me, as I study the activation of the upper chakras, the energy centers that lay dormant in the upper layers of our minds – the very reason so much of our brains capacity remains unused – that what we need here is not another theory on how to speed up our physical-world activity/vibration while we mistakenly assume that dancing faster is the key to higher awareness – not another lesson in time management or making the most in the world of successful accomplishments – but a lesson in the fine art of doing nothing – of finding the quiet inside so that our internal compasses can realign with true north.

We live in a time of awakening, a renaissance of mind, so to speak.  As new doorways within our minds, and within the minds of our children, begin to appear, I see a need for a higher layer of hope guidance and wisdom as well as a wave of higher integrity that incorporates the good of the whole as a means of primary motivation – a more true north – one that makes climbing the ladder of higher awareness and possibility so much easier. I have spent over 40 years in the study and teaching of metaphysical concepts and well over 20 years as a psychic reader and intuitive consultant.  I have the ability to hear my layer of higher mind, masking as spirit guides, 24/7. They are most helpful in readings; they will read the auric field of the seeker and speak directly with them through my voice box if the client requires special attention – and most do these days. We are all being asked to forego our hopes and dreams long enough to clear the fears that keep us overly-ego driven, and that lesson, in and of itself, can give one pause long enough to ask for a small dose of confirmation from somewhere above where we are now.

This period of renaissance has already upgraded and updated our mental firmware just enough that some of the paradigms we use to measure our successes and future goals have become outmoded and in need of reconstruction.  The purpose of this blog is to dig into that newness; to seek the new doorways of possibility and learn to open them with some degree of understanding and with hope for a newer and brighter world. Join me as I muddle through the new concepts that a slightly dimensionally shifted world can bring.