Sunday, February 16, 2020

A Message from a Demonized Democrat

I just saw the most horrific post on fb; I won’t repost it nor will I display it here because I am taking a stance; I refuse to give this hostile brain-washing wave of political subterfuge any further energy. The image was a line of rifled military men, not of our country, who appeared to be focused on forcing a little girl against a wall of dirt to subdue her. She didn’t look to be much of a threat to anything except for Tide getting the dirt out of her dress once the incident was all over. The caption read, This is Socialism. I am here to say that it looked to be an ugly military scenario, but it had NOTHING to do with the democratic party in this country nor with my ideologies. 

I am tired of being labeled a socialist that is one step away from communism just because I am in favor of a few social programs that assure affordable healthcare to all of us. I don’t care if healthcare is a government program (social) or privatized, as long as it can develop honestly without protective governmental regulations that harm the individual while protecting the business aspect of the company/corporation/stockholder. Healthcare is to heal the sick and we have the ability to treat most of the maladies we encounter. Privately-owned, affordable healthcare could have been a normal institution had our government stayed clear of the lobbying policy that helped lay the infrastructure for our political swamp of greed and corruption. We protect the insurance and pharmaceutical companies more than we care about the good of the veteran who suffers from PTSD. Basically, if our lawmakers and enforcers aren’t coming from their highest point of awareness and integrity, they are not acting in the reputable manner befitting one who takes on the responsibility of civic duty. Our government has become corrupt in that too many of the motivations of our elected representatives have become self-serving, perhaps not with the greed of riches but at least with the greed of ensuring that their own survival needs be met comfortably even if it is in a way that harms the ones they represent.

The most disturbing part of all this is that we are still hypnotically induced to look at troubling images and REACT to them by over-identifying with the carefully placed words that accompany them. This is a brainwashing tactic and it works well, even with those of us trying to do the right thing. I have watched the demonization of some politically competent folks out there and all because they carried a personality trait that some of us are uncomfortable with or because their plastic surgery is overdone. These brainwashing techniques are well known and understood by our marketing and organizing specialists and they really work, but they shouldn’t. We are able to see beyond these hypnosis-producing tactics if we can slow down our reactions and look at the whole picture again. The stimulus-response reactions that we are having in our political arena stem from a carefully thought out campaign by mentalities that have something to protect. It isn’t just government here, it can be the life force of a campaign official who is tiring of losing. He or she can become cut-throat just to staunch his own life force long enough to regroup, but we harm ourselves and those around us by staying with the hatefulness these tactics induce. Let’s face it, these attacks foster an anger that quickly becomes a high state of hate-arousal when, in truth, we are a people committed to saving ourselves and our families. We pretty much want the same things, but the energy force driving us has become too wired with the anger of a threatening stimulus-response reaction to something designed to cause outrage.

Just for the record, I am a democrat because I see the value of each individual as being more significant than the protection of capitalistically centered groups. I might not feel the pull towards the democratic party if I didn’t feel threatened in areas where my basic survival issues appear capped off by the actions of the other side. In my mind, we must act as though we all matter; we have truly outgrown a mentality of supporting the survival of the fittest. Isn’t that how Jesus would see it? As a democrat, I am just as God/Good oriented as everyone else, contrary to the political subterfuge spewing out there. I also see that there are reasons for the other side of the coin, and that it takes both mindsets to pull the whole together. But that is just my perspective on why I am a democrat. There are layers of beliefs and goals out there and the title of democrat or republican can easily change with each individual person. It also appears to me that we are operating from mindsets of polar opposition in a delusional reality, where we are really reacting to the subterfuge from the other side to the point of hate. How did being a democrat make me the devil incarnate?

I would like to point out that Socialism is a concept used by our government every time they initiate a program for the good of the populace, but that doesn’t change our government process of democracy to something else. I am not a socialist because I would like to be able to afford my $5000/month psoriasis medication without bankrupting my family. I would also like to point out that the examples of socialism being touted by our strategic hate-fosterers are not socialism but fascism, where an oppressive dictator runs the show, one that is usually clouded by egomania in some form or another, something we could easily fall into if we can’t let go of our hatred of the other side. To go a step further, communism, by definition is as follows, a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.  I realize that I am somewhat jaded here, but is this not where we might be headed if we continue to entitle the rich, who own the businesses that survive by eating up all smaller forms of similar revenue-making opportunities, with tax breaks and loopholes to legalize their protective interests over those of the common man? To avoid a communistic state of turmoil, might we need to tip the cart in democratic favor of the people for a while now? Will we all need mental health coverage by the time this election is over?

As you can see, there is still a war within me too and I am working to quiet the results of mass hysteria brought on by the governing bodies of minds seeking to win an election. As a people, we’re better than this; we deserve to be treated better. Stop pulling our fighting-puppet strings and allow us time to heal and exist as a Mr. Roger’s neighborhood again so we can find a way to heal the sick and feed the hungry and still rest on our laurels a while, without the anxiety of needing to defend ourselves.


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

What is Awakening?
Rhonda Rhose

The Awakening bears some explanation, as many are experiencing ‘awakening’ issues without knowing or understanding the causes. The term awakening refers to the sudden appearance of intense waves of intuition and empathy we well as episodes of visions, hearing voices, intense dreaming and strong desires to save the world. There is an urgency with these conditions that make it incredibly uncomfortable to stay still in the wake of the ‘calling,’ while also experiencing a host of physical symptoms that make it impossible to move forward. The side-effects of this are upon most of us now in one form or another, anything from sleepless nights, anxiety-ridden days, momentary dementia, spiritual vertigo, extreme headaches and a host of other ailments, all quick to heal once we surf a wave of more mature emotional and subconscious programming, something being done now by our higher mind, our Soul Guides.

The somewhat premature opening of the 6th and 7th chakras, energy centers that allow a more conscious connection to higher realm wisdom, are clogged with fear-based residue resulting from our discovery of self and what the self needs to love self. Too much self-centered awareness causes a clog in karmic residue that allows some of the self-structured axioms in need of re-conceptualization to come bouncing back at us in the form of spirit-messaging.

At this point in time, as we prepare for our journey upwards, as we learn to unlock the doors to our super-hero possibility (Higher Mind), we are tasked with clearing that karmic residue first and foremost, so that the earth-based matter on this planet, including our physical bodies, can and will survive from an awareness standpoint that fosters life. Think of it this way, we are replacing our survival of the fittest attitude with one of peace within and with all.

“Making so much of your life’s substances and conditions wrong has caused such a small window of opportunity for us to come through to you, that it appears as though we are forcing back to you, your life-dogma as a means of clearing an opening in your awareness channels that is large enough for us to present the information you request of us.”

Guide-speak translation: they can’t get to us because we are too cluttered with ego-based axioms and desires. The first few sessions of opening that channel will feel as though you are sliding downhill and downhill fast unless you understand what is really happening and why. It may be a time when you are urgently driven towards success but getting nowhere until you realize that in a higher dimension, or mindset, your definition of success, or health, or well-being, will need to be redefined.

We live in a time of awakening, a renaissance of our evolving minds. As new doorways within our minds, and within the minds of our children, begin to open, I see a need for a higher level of guidance and wisdom as well as a wave of highest integrity that incorporates the good of the whole. 

I can help you find the keys to unlock those doors.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

A Controversial Message


Raziel’s Notebook


3rd to 5th Bridges and Ridges

Rhonda Rhose

I had a vision this morning. The image was so realistic and crystal clear that it caused within me more attention than I would normally give the fleeting glimpses of other-worldly messages that float in and out of my consciousness. This one became clear and the more I zoned in on it the more clear it became, rather than the floating away or disintegrating image that can happen when the subconscious is trying to resolve some of the karmic residue in our veiled banks of discordant imagery.

The scene was a desert area where a sand colored building had a leopard like shroud coming down over one side of it as though falling from the sky.

 That was us; we were showing you the invisible outlook that makes one see how things should be and how they are when interpreted incorrectly. This one gets heavy so fasten your seat belts.

The material in the shroud was dusty and infiltrating the surrounding areas with grit and grime. Also, there were armed guards approaching with a soldier-like stance and they appeared to be about to give fight to whoever caused the shroud to fall onto the side of the building.

I remember saying, “is that the middle east?” and they said yes. Why did I think it was the middle east, other than it looked like a scene out of NCIS, and why did I ask that question?

Here’s why; when we are living in a world of discord, we interpret our life circumstances according to the realities of where we place our focus.

In this case I am hyper-aware of the war-like atmosphere of the political scene and how it has divided family units and friend groups. 

The part of this that is difficult to understand is the unit of fighting in the northern hemisphere near the equator, referred to now as east Jordon – our seer has already discerned that this information is not correct in the naming, but she has been made aware of how channeling works, and why it has so many pitfalls, from an early point in her channeling behavior. The clues here are easy to interpret, the fighting is the key; it contains fear-based mentality that accords the channeler, the reader or the listener with more fear-based axioms than is intended in the material. It colors the perspective of the recipient of the channeled material. 

So, in this case, one would automatically go to the on-going battling between the Jewish and Muslim factions that continually fight over one little strip of land in the middle east, incessantly causing more and more friction in the outlooks of all even distantly aware of the origins of the battleground. Case in point, the beginning of the assimilations of the Jewish community in a way that made them more important than the society already in residence in that singular strip of land. I am not talking Muslims, I am talking Canaanites, a group long past in mindset and ideology. I would also bring your attention to ‘East Jordon,’ which is a small town in Michigan, one I am familiar with. That simple reference to ‘East Jordon’ signaled my subconscious memories of that town to waft forward with just a hint of the fighting in the middle east, and consequently, an obscure political injustice that I am aware of from that tiny community. So you can see how my focus on the never-ending fighting went from our political scene to the fighting of the middle east and even to a quiet little town where my cousin lived. Every direction I look becomes clouded with my hopelessness in seeing an end to the battles of life. 

Here is another unfortunate aspect of that equation: the Law of the One God stems from the archives of memory regarding Moses’ journey out of Egypt, and has been misinterpreted incorrectly by the writers of the memory. It was not written immediately, as it took place, but remembered several hundred years later, as an attempt was made to resuture the conundrum as it must have happened, including Yahweh’s attempt to open a doorway to a higher and better vibration of mass consciousness.

The reason we are bringing this up is because we are open to a new form of communication with this one who writes our words in her mindscape as she sees our visions and tries to interpret them without us and then again with us.

I am learning a new layer of guide-speak interpretation.

This series of instructional exercises will serve to show how we instigate our visionary equipment within the mind of the seer and how to correctly interpret such visions. You will all be experiencing such phenomena shortly and we are here to explore the visionary process so that you avoid literal interpretations, such as the one we suggested to the seer, which included an end-of-the-world fear as worth taking note.

When I asked the meaning of the vision, they casually replied that the fighting might be over soon because someone would blow that strip of land off the planet…I knew that didn’t add up but also knew that they would only answer that way if such thinking or feeling were part of my mindset at that moment in time.

We were articulating her attitude that the mistakes recorded in the biblical fashion were a source of conflict now when we could have easily moved beyond such immature reasoning.

The clouding, leopard-skin shroud of the vision had the ability to change its spots, but thus far the reasoning used in this particular instance has not panned out as believed it would, and that is this – the gods will provide for us if only we ask…

Your feet, our dear seer, will be healed by the dermatologist, and not by the ones tasked to articulate your aversion to medical conditioning. The fear within our seer is that she will be diagnosed as diabetic because of her weight, when we know that her blood sugar ratio is actually quite well. The numbers being used by your medical professionals are tables in instructional motivations that have been overly interpreted by the ones in the medical and insurance fields as necessities for optimum health. “If the number ain’t there, we ain’t goin’ no further until you reach it…” Did you get our joke there? It is an uneducated format in reasoning and should be considered outdated and outmoded again and again.

Guide-speak translation: I have some kind of dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis-type gunk on the bottom of my feet and have avoided another doctor visit like the plague because I know that skin conditions are often the result of emotional irritation. So being in the know, surely I am able to shift all my irritations to love and peace and harmony and then just miraculously heal, right? Or at least they are supposed to throw me a bone of the energy from the Temple of Healing up there in our etheric minds and make it all go away, at least I have been hoping and praying that’s how it works, but the healing results would indicate that I am missing one big piece of the puzzle that is me and my beliefs.

Our readers (of these words) are conditioned to believe everything we, as other-worldly beings, say (and do not say) and tend to make their own conclusions until they hear exactly what we were not saying in the first place, then we ask a question designed to break their thinking out of the box that holds their belief systems in place. This happens when you ask us if your mother or brother will be okay because they have a surgical procedure coming up that includes your happenstance attitude that you might be included in the will or in the caregiving required for respite healing.

We are tasked to answer according to your instructional format, which is: tell me what I have to know and what I want to hear. We are also tasked up here, to inform you that your fears are what first must be corrected before we can take you on the wheel of high probability regarding your future events. Expect and respect your fears in these attempts to contact us because they will appear in Hollywood bright lights until you resolve the fear in the emotional mind, which is the source of the fear in the mental mind and in the physical vehicle – where the malady finally manifests in another itchy foot.

You will all be conscious of hearing us either in verbal, emotional or visual cues over the next 6 weeks to 6 months. When that happens, you will decide if you wish to continue this mode of other-worldly communication or if you choose to keep this form of vehicle management in the quieter realm of the subconscious. In this case, the subconscious means simply this: parts of the mental mind that are soon to become part of the conscious mind – meaning you are soon to become aware of the app and well-versed in how to use it.

This is all a complex procedure but one we are all working on diligently up here in the etheric mind, and are all geared to show you how it all works, once you gain a stance high enough in emotional maturity; one that sparks even the most obscure opportunity to save the whales as a cause worth leaving……(keep reading – you’re probably mis-interpreting again).

We are sure you heard us correctly and are wondering why we would share such erroneous information when you have worked so hard to educate your mind as to the causes worth pursuing and the causes that should be left to others with more qualified mental and physical machinery than yours. But here’s the truth of it….you are not the one in danger, you are the one causing the danger every time you make another wrong in their mindset, their attitude, or their common sense. You are the soldiers waiting to attack the shroud of mass consciousness when it falls to the earth in its life-changing possibility and when you ask us to make your brother or your mother ill or well.

Your inability to accept the designs and choices of others are an ineptitude that must change in order to make our world a safer place, but first you have to accept that you are in a hypnotic state of fear if you cannot accept the outlook of another as correct for them at their space and point in time. We are not saying that outlooks and actions are perfect as they are, but we are saying that you are causing some of the defense mechanisms that hypnotize your mindsets when you ask us to deliver you from evil, or when you ask us to heal your heart one more time so it can go into over-drive again just because your mother or your brother do not agree with your political stance on abortion. We will tell you a little secret; we don’t agree with our channel’s stance on abortion either, but we understand that for your vibration of mass consciousness and the mistaken reality of child-rearing and care, she is not incorrect. The missing piece of the puzzle is that from her vantage point she cannot see our perspective, or she would agree that one should not have sex if one is not prepared to parent the possible off-spring. Such concepts go far beyond the mentality of the prescribed routine of using frequent episodes of sexual activity as a measure of mental health, which is really a measure of physical attractiveness that falsely provides an quick rise in sense of self. To us up here, that is an absurdity. If one were truly mentally healthy, the emotional mind would not have stormed into the desire for sex as a possible feel-good routine in the first place. We will do an entire missive on that soon. It is time we began to think for ourselves, and we are speaking from your vantage point now – let the trending directives for individual success begin to die out and begin to look at the good of the whole group or unit, so that we can come through with less distortion and with more meaningful contact.

Your doctor will not like the look of your feet and will ask you to have additional blood work done, which you will have to pay for unnecessarily, since your insurance reached almost $1000/month for just you and you chose to let it go for a year or two until you reach Medicare Age. This is a disgrace from our vantage point. How can a government that claims to rescue its masses from poverty allow a person who worked hard and at a well-paying job have to excuse themselves from medical insurance when they have taxingly covered the needy for the last 40 or 50 years! We are appalled at the condition of your world and we are reacting harshly to get your attention only. We are more love-based up here in the etheric mind and do not react so intensely except to get your attention. We know you all agree with our stance on medical care but what we want you to know is that the solutions are more easily reached than you think.  

It is the vision coming through again – so much fighting; will it ever end?

That is how our seer saw it – there is no end to the fighting…one layer of her fears….

Here it is from our perspective; we are allowing you to fight it out until you see that you are too tired to move forward without additional instructions in where to go and how to get there. Then, once the fear-based management of your mind is dissolving, we can come through with solution-based messages for you that include how to get to a higher perspective than you are now. It will take some additional instruction and work to manage your mind’s apps, already erroneously in place, due to your faulty reasoning, but you can and will find another way to work for humanity than in managing the journey of the whale – they are well-covered from up here - with us. They are tasked to show you how to hold your own magnetic resonance when you fall into fear again. The reason we use the whales is because you already know at least one well-meaning person who is devoted to animal management and we commend that one in all earnest, but we cannot stand in the way of the climate as it attempts to return to its normal temperate conditions; it seeks relief from the overly-magnetized conditions of your world and its beliefs. It is time to resonate to the ability of the higher mind to know how to dissolve the erroneous influences of your world and to eliminate the causes thereof. 

The belief systems that hold you to conditions of the past, the spots of the leopard shroud that should have changed by now, must dissolve before you can see your way clear to spot the conditions of base training – that of love and respect for all humankind, and for all life and non-living conditions here on our planet of soon to be palm trees without much need for plumbing and heating. We will explain more on these hints of what is to come and what should be later, but for now, know that we are here with all of you. We are the soul guardians of the etheric mind and we will be working with you to grow and achieve your new and additional layer of mind once we clear the fear.  We weren’t kidding about that…

The part of the vision that needs to be explained further is this: our seer knew that Yahweh was a soul guide for the Moses-One, who tried to institute an easier mind-set for the beings he led out of Egypt. He was one of the few at that point in time and space that had the ability to hear his higher mind consciously, which takes place with an activation of the crown chakra, something many of you have now achieved and more will in the near future. It is a normal part of our evolution and growth as a species. This topic will be covered further in this and subsequent material but for now, consider that the interpretation was slightly off due to the fear of the Moses-One in his responsibility for the people that were in difficult circumstances regarding the meeting of their basic physical survival needs. This alone will cause fear-based residue to creep into the messages from on high. However, we will explain a little further the truth of the Canaan scenario so you can see where the major battles within your species escalated to war-like conditions. This must be corrected before much can be done here to achieve some of the love-based conditions necessary to institute higher ideals for your species. It will happen…but for now, let us continue with our visionary mind’s aptitude for truth.

The written version of the story of the Exodus out of Egypt took place far earlier than your carbon-dating experts believe. How long ago isn’t important just yet, what is important is that you understand the misunderstanding in the message and in the later-written-version of the story that keeps the fighting going. The Yahweh-guide-god asked Moses to visit an area of complete harmony and peace, a good infrastructure to use to create his new society. What if the Hebrews did not seek to overtake Canaan nor to infiltrate them with spies to determine their weaknesses, but only to plant themselves in that area due to its good fortune and plentiful resources, as well as to join a people conditioned to having their survival needs met well, which meant that they were more sure of survival and consequently, more peaceful? Could it be that the harsh conditions of those traveling in the wilderness for so long might cause a rift in their attitudes of having their private needs and wishes met, one that manifested with an intensity of forcefulness that might have begun the long and arduous mentality of ownership and continual fighting that seems to never end?

Now watch this: There will come a day in the near future where one unconditionally self-serving person does mis-interpret his love for country to the point that he is astoundingly convinced that he is the solution to the problem at hand. He will awaken many to his cause and will voice an opinion un-heard of before this time and space. Many will flock to him as his counterparts voice disagreement upon his works of mass destruction……

The translator of our words is beginning to protest and rightfully so – such should never be considered an interpretation of the future events of this planet but instead as the attitudes of the energy already in play and in place at the time. We are here to say we are coming soon to a theatre of the mind that incorporates wisdom training and mental/emotional healing so that you can visit the wheels of life and the high probabilities of the future without misinterpreting the series of events you will witness.

We can hear you already as you tell us why you feel the way you do, and here is a surprise, we already know. WE monitor your word, thought and deed until you learn to do it from your own vantage point, so get ready to fly.

Another part you need to know is that we have not always been there, but we are here now, and we are not leaving until you know enough to replace us in the use of your own higher mind – the etheric body of your metaphysical enthusiasts.

So in as much as I would like to think that I can heal myself, I have to face the fact that the medical knowledge out there can be of great value when I am ailing. I will respect it while I find a deeper awareness of the condition that I wish to heal. Until I can adjust my internal wisdom sufficiently to open a door to the Temple of Healing within my etheric body, I may have to use a good bit more of our 3-dimensional resources to keep me moving.

Happy Bridging! 

3rd to 5th Bridges and Ridges

Rhonda Rhose

Thursday, June 6, 2019

We Are Knee-Deep in a Renaissance
by Rhonda Rhose

We, as a species, used to have access to the sealed-off areas of our higher minds; that’s where all the magic is housed. That’s where Leonardo DaVinci went for his helicopter blueprints; that’s where Albert Einstein went for his lessons on matter and the physics of our world of form, and by the way, the world of form is simply our world, where we came to learn to use energy to create and form matter. The higher mind is where Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud went for their lessons on the physics of the emotional mind. I say the physics of the emotional mind because we really needed some further understanding of the energy that keeps us moving here in the world of form, all the way from our random thoughts to the fine-tuning and healing of our physical bodies, and even to taking us, sans the space ship, to visit other planets and other worlds of form.

Think of it this way, e=motion. Our e-motional reactions start the movement process for the energy we use to live our lives. There is an e-motional reaction resulting from our desire to stay alive in our world of form, that acts as a catalyst to the physical body. It signals our brain to announce to the heart chakra area that a breath of air is needed to continue to beat our life-force-activating-heart. We know most of this equation, but we are not yet clear on the role of the emotional body in this simple chain of life sustaining events. We need some clarity in this area before we can align with our higher mind well enough to activate the giftedness stored up there.

We are at a point in our development where we are relatively sure that there is life beyond our 5 senses and that it goes on beyond the existence of our physical bodies, but we want to know more. Now we are emotionally beginning a process of seeking confirmation of our truth through science, almost as if we are replacing a tendency to confirm our identities through religious means to a more definite proof through the microscope. The truth is somewhere in the middle and a tad higher up in frequency, but as a species, we really need more of our whole picture to understand who we are and where we are going. And to really understand it, we have to understand a little more of our own minds and how they work with the laws of the universe.

In Metaphysics, there is a condition referred to as the Blessing of Life, and it is this blessing, or covenant with our galactic monitors, that allows only the purest of creations to be awakened with life force. We, as a species, are power up via the Blessing of Life, where we are each allowed a very specific amount of life force, passed on through the silver cord, in which to use while we’re here learning the fine art of creation and holding form. We are at a cross-road, however, in that our Life-Blessing is waning, as a species, and we are being supplied with additional light and love (The Blessing of Life components) from other sources, including the planets in our universe. We are slowing things up from an evolutionary standpoint for our entire universe, but we’re receiving extra time and life force in order to finish our evolution as a species that has developed our expertise in Creation. So, if you’re worried about your computer becoming alive and taking over your book club, worry not, as the creator of the artificial intelligencia, we have yet to understand the matrix for our own lower mind, let alone the higher mind. We have a way to go before we graduate in that department – no Blessing of Life approved on such an incomplete design. We can gather extraordinary amounts of date and configurations, and maybe even develop a computer that cries, but we haven’t finished our own mind evolution in a well-done enough format to be allowed the life blessing on one of our own designs.  In fact, our creators were slightly deficient in understanding the mind-matrix when they created us, so I seriously doubt that the galactic monitors will allow that mistake again.

In terms of the higher mind, and our higher minds move upwards for several more dimensional doorways and shifts, it is the higher mind that will soon begin to produce some of its own light, and once that happens, we will be considered out of crisis and back up and running on our own. Remember all those images of Jesus with his halo? That is the light of the higher mind and we would all have halos by now if it wasn’t for the driving nature of our ego. For now, we are missing the ability to sense our higher-mind’s capability because we are confronted with our emotional mind’s areas in need of correction. It is the emotional mind that directs our Life Blessing Energy in which path to follow – whether it be the creation of a new song or a new headache. Understanding the pathways of our emotional mind is a great source of consideration right now as we seek to understand our position in the universe and where our unusual situation might lead us. But we’re making breakthroughs all the time on so many fronts, maybe a little background in how we got to be here and what we need to shift might be in order.

Re-awakening our higher mind is our mission now and begs to be explained in a way that shows how we got here, as well as a higher perspective on where we are going. We are dancing through life on a false infrastructure, one based on our survival instincts, which are programmed in our lower minds to show up as an emotional reaction. That indicates that too large a portion of our motivations, in way too many areas, are driving us from a fear of not having our survival needs met. A society based on that premise, and that is our premise, whether we realize it or not, cannot rise to a frequency of emotional mind that is high enough in development to unlock the doors to higher mind. We’re going for unconditional love here, and in as much as we’ve heard it all before, we still aren’t comprehending how to separate our survival-based axioms for life from the higher layers of truth.

The fall of man?  It is complicated but that is when we dropped from a 5th dimensional status, where the first layers of higher mind were in an activated mode, to a 3rd dimensional status, where our conscious mind consists of only the bare necessities, without a clear and conscious connection to most things beyond our five senses. A good example might be the building of the pyramids; the original pyramids weren’t done with slaves pulling incredibly heavily and perfectly cut stones that were carved with a rudimentary paring knife, or even with mis-treated Hebrew slaves pulling these heavy burdens up dangerously steep inclines. That came later, after the fall. They were created with 5th and 7th dimensional minds. It was at that higher vibration of mass consciousness that man and his higher-level initiates were able to plan, build and create by using their minds, their will, and their well-honed powers of manifestation. At times, physical labor would be used, but only for minor tweaking, such as the art work on the interior walls, which is viable training for one learning the art of design and build in their creation studies. But all that was a while back, in fact, we can’t see the original pyramids right now, our vibration of mass consciousness is too low to incorporate the 5th dimensional sense of sight. Later, as we begin to reclaim some of the attributes of our higher mind, we will begin to see them. I can just see it now, our kids can see a monumental pyramid off in the distance but we can’t see a thing. That is partially because some of our kids are coming in with a newer mind-programming format, or mind-matrix, if you will. These new kids can get there easier than we can, but our lack of understanding our own minds, as well as their newer consciousness firmware upgrades, is making it difficult to develop, diagnose and correct these kids in the most meaningful ways possible. We’re looking at new minds with our old software.  And don’t get me wrong, us oldsters are mutating too, which causes some of the symptoms you’ve been wondering about.

Since our higher minds became a less normal part of our everyday tool kit for life, the resulting spiritual vertigo caused us to fear that we were insignificant, without divine leadership and without a progressive path once we left our physical dimension. Since this phase of life appeared to be all that we had definite knowledge of, we began to over-compensate for anything we might miss while we’re here. If the here and now is all that is, we had to find our highest and best good in terms of what it took to survive, because if we didn’t, we ceased to exist. Although the sealing off of our higher minds was a gradual thing, we have been in this awkward state of symbolic darkness for about 28 – 30,000 years, right about the last time mankind was scheduled to shake off some of the excess negativity that results as a misuse of The Blessing of Life energy. That was also just as Atlantis was concluding its emotional break-down.  Atlantis was a group mind that failed to sustain its life-force due to its inability to manage its emotional mind. That really isn’t the over-simplification that you might think. Here’s a little hint as to what caused that deactivation of their, and consequently our, super-hero qualities; they/we lost our ability to live in peace and harmony. That ego programming to survive was malfunctioning.

Once upon a time on a planet far from ours, there lived a group of beings, physically much like us, but with far more advance minds. They began their existence and study of creation above our 3rd dimensional status, where the art of learning to create with energy in solid form wasn’t even a necessity. Their bodies were more ethereal, without as much carbon to magnetize them to their space. They learned their lessons without all the fear of having survival needs met and so they were able to bypass many of the pitfalls of our lessons in Creation 101. That, by the way, is where we, here on our Earth 2, are slightly stuck. We can’t seem to get past the anchoring of our ego-centric self so that we can activate the layers of higher mind that hold all the magic we seek.

 It might help to understand who we are in spirit, because contrary to popular belief we are not the ethereal floating humans with personalities like we carry in our 3rd dimensional world-of-form existence. We are minds; minds that are unlimited in potential, but in training to learn to use that unlimited potential in good/god-directed ways. Basically, that’s why we’re down here in the land of crystallization, a remedial version of life in higher frequencies where we haven’t quite fine-tuned our reaction-time to be able to keep up with the angels and gods and Dalai Mamas, a.k.a. our own higher minds.

To say we are a spirit-mind is more correct than you might think. From our vantage point here in the world of form, we might see our spirit selves as orbs of colored light, the color of the light depending on where the interests and focus of the spirit minds are at the time of our viewing. We’ll go into more detail with this later. For now, understanding that our souls exist as spirit-minds in our most natural state of being, might help you to understand why we are in the here and now, hoping and praying to learn the fine art of creation, including how to instruct the elementals that are waiting to hold the form of that perfect flower, or a much-needed twin oxygen molecule, which can be used to offset the effects of poisoning within our physical form.

Back on our ancient planet, our creators/predecessors learned from an ego-less perspective how to build form and manage the etheric computers behind the design and build stage, which simply meant that things were less solidified and able to flow with self-directed energy more easily. Self-directed energy indicates that they did more with their minds and less with their muscles and with the earth’s bounty, especially in areas of meeting their survival needs. It also means that they didn’t have the same survival needs that you have now. They weren’t worried about the survival of the physical body, it replenished itself with the light of the higher mind. There were no needs of eating, shelter, utility bills or even infrastructure. Their minds were able to adjust their more ethereal bodies without bothering the earth for materials or without using all their muscles to build a bigger house. They put most of their effort in mind-development, but mind-development with a much higher emphasis placed on the good of their ‘human-condition.’

The beings on that ancient planet had quite the advantage in their development, at least compared to our circumstances. Their life spans were about 3500 years, give or take a few thousand. Mostly it depended on the amount of time needed to develop a mind that held a Universal Awareness.  I hear you thinking out there, shit, this book is going to be hard. It is using too many abstract terms. I am too tired and distracted to have to take a course in metaphysical concepts right now. Well, maybe and maybe not. This is only the introduction and it is designed to pique your curiosity, not thoroughly explain the mysteries of the universe, but I’ll bet that by the time you finish this book, you will have an idea of the simplicity of all these abstract terms and you will also understand where you came from, why you’re anxiety is on high again, and what path you’re really on, and I promise you this – it isn’t your career path that spirit is monitoring.

So that amazing and ancient planet, and all the layers of guides and mentors in the spirit realm of that planet, worked together until every last form of life had learned the basics of creation and the more advanced levels as well. They reached a point in development that my spirit-professors refer to as Creator Gods. Once they achieved their god-hood status, which simply meant that they were experts in their particular area of creation, they set out to find a planet willing to host them as they tried out their new talents of species design, as well as a few other necessities that go along with such an advanced project.

A Planet is a form held by a group-mind, which will consist of spirit minds that have PHDs well beyond the study and development of a Creator God. Even higher than the planet, in evolution, is the Central Sun. As you can see, we have lots of ground that we can cover as spirit beings, if only we could get past our ego-centric self-centeredness. To further wow you, our sun is not the central sun of our universe, but an up and coming student of our Central Sun, which covers 7 solar systems. Our scientists may not agree with that statement, but out higher mind experts, the spirit-beings that guide and guard us, can explain the lay out quite succinctly, if necessary. Suffice it to say that we could go on to create our own universe, but we won’t get there using the tools we use now to connect us to the higher wisdom of our own minds and beyond; we need a crash course in the Logic of the Gods. Look at it this way for a second, as a Central Sun, you would be responsible for every spark of energy used in your universe. We are each a spark of energy and all energy has consciousness, once it becomes aware of itself. That is why I refer to us as spirit minds; we are energy sparks that exist as a mind. Our Central Sun, Alpha & Omega, is responsible for every energy-spark-mind that chooses to develop itself within this universe. That’s a lot of responsibility – and yet, it is done in pure love, with no hint of irritation or adverse reaction to the shenanigans of the kids learning to get past their ego-based motivations.

To bring all that into some small capsule of perspective with our world, when we use the OHM as a means of alignment, we are calling in the high energy of our central sun for this universe. That is the highest developed vibration that exists, the most highly developed spirit mind in our world. I will get more specific by what is meant by universe later, but for now, just knowing you are referring to the Alpha and Omega, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine sides of the Mind of our central sun, will give you an glimpse into all that we are able to learn and understand at our present juncture of evolving awareness. Oh, and Ra was the central sun for our Creator Gods, different universe, different monkeys, but still working in tandem with our personal Alpha and Omega because he is still responsible for the care and feeding of his energy sparks that became our Creator Gods, because some still exist, because they are still working on us.

If you have begun to feel hopeless in considering all this – DON’T!  You have evolved to a point that you can comprehend these complex truths; something that wasn’t easily passed along even one hundred years ago. We’re ready for more to work with, more to play with and more to master. It is a new beginning, a renaissance of mind, ( a new book) and we’re holding the blueprints. Happy Rebirthing.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Rhonda Rhose - Ecknoreial's Musings: AMulti-Dimensional Reality Is in Play Today...

Rhonda Rhose - Ecknoreial's Musings:

AMulti-Dimensional Reality Is in Play Today

: A Multi-Dimensional Reality Is in Play Today Where am I today?   I am asked by the invisible ones to stay out of the public...

A Multi-Dimensional Reality Is in Play Today

Where am I today?  I am asked by the invisible ones to stay out of the public-scene for a while. I know we’re all going crazy out there and I know that I, myself, am having some issues that really cloud my self-perception; and you know what that means: If our self-perception is clouded then our perception of those around us is off-base, as well. I guess it’s a good time to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself, at least until I recognize a higher frequency of love in there.

One of the things that most drives me - and I should mention that if there is a driving force within you that doesn’t let up no matter how hard you try to quiet it, then too much of your self-worth/perception is tied up in that drive - is a strong desire to teach what I have learned and to work with those going through the shift. Oh, I know, if the drive is that vocal within then there is probably good reason and value in such motivation, unless, of course, one is driven by revenge or condescension, or some other blatantly negative force. But when it feels like your reason to be is pushing you forward too loudly, you really have to be able to take the obsessionary urgency out of the equation or you are still motivated by a fear of self-worth. Fear like this involves proving the self; it is fear of not being good enough, and all that fear-based residue creates a veil between you and the higher realm. That is the most predominate reason for the lesser activations of the throat, 3rd eye and crown chakras as well as the upper chakras that hold the magic we seek, the doorway to the super conscious mind. We are upgrading our Love Vibration software through the subconscious mind, which means that sometimes our conscious motivations aren’t quite in synch with the new upgrades. A love-based motivation is one of peace and comes with an overall feeling of great possibility without the rush.

I have known for some time that in order to expand my visibility, I would have to take my big ole self and my work out there beyond the confines of where I am visible now. To me it feels like the message for me is – already been there and done that – but I haven’t felt well enough or motivated enough to push beyond my normal paths. I have several things I want to teach and discuss. I love discussion groups where the whole group is engaged and sharing philosophy and possibility, but lately if feels empty out there. I know we’re all going through some shifting shit; I see the 11:11s all the time, and for me the 4:44s are there in spades, but when is a good time to expand the me that I want to be?

I am coming out of another cycle of clearing and feel ready to go but the invisible ones ask me to hold off until this latest shifting-cycle-within wanes a bit out there with the masses. If I charge out there now, when it is so easy to get caught up in the alternate reality playing out down in the subconscious, I can easily become the bad guy. Part of that cycle incorporates certain fear-based patterns of consciousness, which include both emotional mind and mental mind along with the behavior of the physical body, all responding to the great alternate reality playing out about 3 layers down in the dream state where our emotions are no longer coded or symbolic, but raw. Where we have to feel them for what they are. This can become a very anxious, hyper-ventilative time, where we are attaching our visceral reactions to those around us as being the culprits. In actuality, our physical body is reacting to the dramatic emotional sequences playing out in ways that can make us downright sick. In fact, that’s why the dream state where we resolve our day-to-day gunk is done symbolically, to protect our emotional base and our heart, as well as our physical body.

To understand this, we really have to understand the heart and its truth. It is more than just a pump to move blood around; it is a mind in charge of the energy that moves us physically, mentally, and spiritually. As with any operating system, our heart acts as a love-barometer that takes its cues from our instantaneous, raw emotional reactions. Our emotional reactions are ignitors and trigger our heart to determine how much energy is usable – based on our thoughts and desires – and by the way, our mind sees all thoughts as desires – as urges to create said thought. It is love that fuels the universe, love that moves the energy of the universe. Love is the transportation system in play to harness the power of creation. To put it simply, our heart must have that love frequency to give our minds and bodies energy to move. If the energy is too fear-based, it boomerangs back to the head of the heart mind and slows until it can be resolved to a higher vibration – usually in the first layer of dream state.

As example, my desire to create more business in regard to my reading venue feels somewhat repressed right now. When I use standard marketing techniques, I get little in terms of results. That’s because I am using a Marketing 105 operating system that doesn’t include the upgrades in awareness that correspond to the fear-clearing taking place 3 layers down in the subconscious-mind. My new mental firmware includes a whole new category on leaving the desires of the self behind while focusing and operating on the good of the whole group. There are major integrity issues involved in the Marketing 105 firmware; they are designed to manipulate the customer to choose me at the risk of being unfair to others – which is cleverly and dehumanizingly categorized as the competition.

Here’s the thing with competition; the raw energy driving competition is the need to prove self better than those in the tribe. Ok, that’s great for a rush of feel-good and a resume of self-driven accomplishments, but in the next layer of mental and emotional depth, did it really help the whole tribe? Was anyone’s self perception harmed by the subtle energy that they weren’t good enough? I am here to tell you that those are things our higher mind/soul family/invisible factions are monitoring. They are looking at the lines of cause and effect, the reasons for our drive to win the contest, as needing a fear-clearing upgrade in mental and emotional software. Our self-centeredness quest to love self has forged ahead without a complete understanding (the keter in Kabballah) of Love.

Don’t worry; I am not telling you to quit loving your favorite baseball team, in fact, I will be the first to admit that I don’t care about the games but will enjoy placing a bet on the outcome. But the truth from a higher Love vibration than ours does not concern itself with winning. Winning causes more feelings of loss than the good it does the winner. And here’s another little tidbit from the higher realms on Love, one does not get a fill of winning, or playing center stage, because it is a false desire, it creates a stronger drive in the same department, or it creates a void when one is not the king of the hill. It causes a line of demarcation when we are trying to learn to motivate ourselves for the good of the whole. And my next point can be hard to swallow, but when the drive to move forward is for the good of the self, it is considered fear-based and it sends a good deal of that energy back to the subconscious inbox for Energy to be Resolved to Love. Unfortunately for us, way too much of our desire base results from erroneous takes on self-love, so we keep adding to that inbox as we try to make ourselves number one in one field or the other.

Our minds are evolving and with it our concepts must evolve too. We have spent much of our existence as a species motivating with survival of the self as our primary concern. Survival of the ego-based-self reasoning is quickly being replaced by our governing bodies within. They are explaining, as we work with them during our night-time sessions, that we are now expected to exist with a primary motivation based on the good of the group. As we make this transition, we can open the doors to speak with our higher realm friends and to ask them for help in our creation lessons and adventures. It begins with having some control/play in our day-to-day circumstances. Can I improve my visibility as a reader, thereby increasing my work output? Probably not while I consider my reading/teaching venue as one of business and probably not while I use marketing techniques designed to manipulate the public – so, for me, I will have to wait out the cleaning inside and see what new ideas manifest. But while I am waiting, I can see what I can learn about this new Love Vibration software.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

OK; I have been as non-reactive as I can but I can no longer be quiet:
Who the hell gave Donald Trump his new Fisher Price Pardon the Prisoner Kit?
Doyal Van Orman Where were you when Obummer pardoned his groups of outlaws loose?

From Facebook to open letter to my favorite uncle:

Not being one to follow politics too closely, especially since I have lost a lot of faith in a system that appears to run on self-serving issues and greed, even to the point of seeming blackmail, I haven’t paid much attention to the inner-workings of our governing machine. It all feels hopeless in a way that allows whoever has most money to have their way. For that reason, although my take on Trump is that of an over-indulged child playing with the biggest toy he could find, I do see that he may, whether intentionally or inadvertently, break down some of the facetiousness of our government. That being said, I googled Obama’s pardons and then those of George W. and saw that, yes indeed, there is a Presidential Prisoner Pardoning Kit out there that is used often. Excuse my ignorance. But I will go a little farther in saying this; my true concerns are the little people of this country and how they are considered ‘unworthy’ of the basics in life. We have, as a people, become products of the Darwinian adage, survival of the fittest. This wind of subtle influence has morphed into a Capitalistic ideology that loudly implies (just sit through a corporate sales meeting to see what I mean) that there isn’t enough to go around so we must crush our competition (opponent) and grow our wealth until we and we alone are king of the hill. That loud but subtle wind has become too much of a driving force behind our government and it has become an unsafe tool for those that require the assistance that, at least in my mind, the government should provide. Let’s face it, if the government’s purpose isn’t to help the people, why do we need it?

What I see as most unfortunate at this moment in time is the over-identification with one party or another, and I will be the first to say that the media has played a demonizing role in that conundrum. As a people, we all want pretty much the same things in life, an easy and comfortable existence, decent and affordable healthcare, employment that pays a living wage and retirement conditions that do not restrict our willingness and ability to continue to work if that is our wish. Being newly retired, I have to say this: retirement issues seem to change with each generation, like all living conditions, so it becomes difficult to pinpoint the issues, but for my generation, we started with pensions that were dropped or lost when 401Ks became the rage. The 401Ks didn’t always hold up because, let’s face it, most of us didn’t have the time to learn to play the stock market unless it was a true area of interest. A couple more crashes in that area will leave some of us floundering. We have enough but what is enough?  Everything feels so unsafe and floundering with a sick governmental body that is mostly interested in re-election. And social security – we pay plenty for that right but as it is laid out now, there are too many restrictions of what you can and cannot earn or dip into without losing it. You, my beloved and favorite uncle, have at least 2 pensions to align you with security in that area. The ability to feel secure in having survival needs met does wonders in terms of emotional health. Does our government even look at these things when they’re too busy protecting their jobs and aligning themselves for the next election?  

Healthcare is ever so frightening right now. Where is our childishly-focused president on that, besides needing to break down anything Obama created? He reminds me of Nero, playing his fiddle while he watches Rome burn – and loving the idea that he gets to choose when to call the fire department. I have a special needs son who truly needs the healthcare provided by Medicare. With his health complications, most of us earning less than a million dollars a year would be unable to afford coverage for his conditions. I have a brother that will have no healthcare options that are affordable enough to cover his $65,000/year medicine after December 31st.  He has managed to survive a terminal condition long enough to realign his life, only to wonder how he can possibly pay for his medicine once this year is gone. I have no health care. At $1000/month for a $10K deductible policy, it is more affordable to pay as I go. Fortunately I am fairly healthy. Obama care wasn’t perfect, but it removed a pre-existing conditions clause from insurance policies that, appreciatively so, gave my brother some option in medical care. And I won’t even ask how the hell any medicine should cast $65,000 for a years supply. We have moved over so far to allow our Capitalistic format to thrive that we the people that provide the work for our high-paid CEOs are not thriving – we are surviving – and I say that because our fears of having survival needs met incorporates more worries than is physically, mentally or emotionally healthful. We, the people, whether part of Donald’s base or against it, are afraid. We are afraid of not being able to meet our survival needs and we have differing viewpoints on how to do that. That is the major issue that needs to be addressed and addressed on many formats and platforms so that we all feel some relief. If you dig deep enough psychologically, the need to blame, and I jokingly blamed the Donald even though the truth is far more complicated, stems from a lack of security or safe-ness.

We are afraid that Donald’s lack of emotional maturity and his spoiled self-interests are his primary concerns. I, personally, don’t believe in the survival of the fittest as a way to live and treat our fellow man; we are all children of God, some God – somewhere – and as such, we all matter. I wish we could all see ourselves as coming together rather than part of an opposing team, because we have a government that needs fixing and we could facilitate a lot of the changes we need if we weren’t fighting about the emotionally immature icon that keeps our rating-focused media too busy to let us get back to the issues at hand. Our government has work to do and it isn’t getting done. Turning us against each other works to keep us side lined but we need to come together, Democrats and Republicans, and take a more productive stance on taking care of people – and then business.